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It’s no secret that the tokens you receive can perform many functions:
they can act as a means of payment, be a share of some project. You can withdraw tokens into real money, or you can engage in a kind of token exchange, for example, token swaps Odos.

What is a Token, and How Can it be Exchanged?

Every newcomer who didn’t know anything about cryptocurrencies recently will come across tokens. Many people do not understand why they are needed, how to earn money from them, or how to exchange them for real-life fiat money.

Types of Tokens

If explained in an accessible language, then a token is a kind of digital code or key that allows you to identify various financial transactions and confirm your ownership. It is constantly changing, unlike a normal key. Only its owner at the moment of identification can see all the transformations that have happened to him.

It is practically impossible to create any specific structure and choose criteria by which such keys can be grouped and exchanged. There are some parameters on the Internet that allow you to create a relative classification for them. In fact, it can be anything.

What are the Tokens Like?

There are many different types of tokens. Let’s focus on the main types:

  • Discount or commodity certificate – it is a code that allows the copyright holder to receive any additional benefit (bonuses, discounts, benefits, etc.).
  • Internal, special currency of a company – typically, tokens are internal units of account and are used in the service or services sector. A striking example is gaming sites that provide bonuses to participants. Here, you can also exchange tokens for money.
  • Equity participation – the holders of these types of tokens have the right to receive profitability from the company.
  • Loan system.

We have studied the main types of tokens. Also, tokens can be divided into some groups. Specialists distinguish two main types according to their purpose: as a valuable asset and as a settlement asset. In both cases, there is the possibility of active or passive earnings.

Many are ready to withdraw tokens into real money and solve their investment issues with them, however, there is the possibility of token migration (token swap).

What are Token Swaps Used for?

It happens when companies create tokens on a third-party service and sell them to users in the future. All this happens because some companies develop their project and create their own blockchain. However, due to the lack of large funding, it is therefore necessary to borrow technology from other platforms. After achieving the set goals, the company transfers its assets to a new blockchain. Just in this case, the process of exchanging tokens is necessary.

The creators of a new project can attract new investors, advertise themselves and their project, get recognition from the audience and get money for development. Working on a third-party blockchain, a company can sell its services, and in the future increase its value due to the increase in the price of its own tokens after the release on the cryptocurrency exchange.

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