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You might be thinking using proxies for sneakers is simply taking it too far. But if you see it from our perspective, it isn’t. Similar to how visual content can positively affect a website’s rankings, proxies can help increase our chances of getting our hands on our favorite pair of limited edition sneakers from the top brands in the world.

If you are a sneaker lover like us, then you probably know how it feels to get a limited edition pair and also when you are unable to get your hands on one. The feeling of regret and despair is hard to get over, especially if that pair is bought by your role model sports player as well.

Well, the good news is that you can now enhance your chances of scoring your favorite pair of sneakers from your favorite brand by using proxies. Don’t know what they are? Not to worry because today, in this article, we are going to discuss them in detail.

What is a sneaker web proxy?

A sneaker web proxy is a virtual mask that acts as a barrier between your system’s IP address and the IP address tracker of the website that you wish to access. You need to understand that each computing device connected to the internet has its unique IP address. A proxy is an IP address that doesn’t belong to you personally, but you can use it to reach out to specific web addresses online.

How does it work?

A proxy is like a single router. Using a proxy means using an IP address belonging to a different device somewhere in the world via your computer device. Sounds cool, right? Well, in the sneaker world, fans like us use sneaker proxies to punch in multiple entries for the limited edition sneakers.

Since most websites come with an IP tracking system and don’t allow one person to apply for a pair multiple times, therefore proxies come in handy when applying for the same product over and over again. You use a different IP address every time, making it impossible for the website IP tracker to track your system. Here are a few benefits that proxies provide;

  • Apply for a product multiple times
  • Increase your chances of scoring a pair
  • Helps you get over geographical barriers put up by websites
  • Mask your true identity

Free or Paid Sneaker Proxies

You need to understand that setting up a proxy network requires the proxy provider to either purchase his own devices or rent some out for the purpose. Since it will cost him a certain amount, then why do you believe that someone is willing to offer them to you for free? Sounds shady, right? That is because it is. Free proxies are scam run by hackers to get access to your system and steal your data.

Some paid proxy providers offer you a trial version, which is legit. But before you use the free version or pay for any paid proxies, make sure to do your research on the proxy providers according to your needs.

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