How to Optimize a Page in 3 Steps to Get into Google’s Featured Snippets?

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How to Optimize a Page in 3 Steps to Get into Google’s Featured Snippets?

In 2014, there were the biggest changes in the entire history of Google related to the appearance of the search results page. Although thousands of sites continue to compete for a place on the first page (TOP-10), the search engine offered users quick answers in the form of snippets, significantly wider than the traditional description. These are the featured snippets Google or position zero.

Getting to position 0 has become a big deal, especially when it comes to the mobile experience. Mobile users receive a featured snippet that takes up the entire area of the main screen, so the highest chances of high conversions are those pages that were able to offer mobile users selected fragments.

What are Featured Snippets?

Fragments can be served in different ways, depending on the request and the relevant content type. Therefore, Google offers snippets in the form of:

  • Lists
  • Tables or their parts
  • YouTube video
  • Text excerpts

You should not confuse featured snippets with informative tables and entity galleries, although this also has a significant impact on the traffic volumes of the selected site and its conversions. If you manage a YouTube channel, you may boost the ranking of your videos by using a YouTube video ranking service.

How to Get to the “zero position” in Three Steps?

You can do whatever is up to you and check the results for your top keywords and questions. However, zero position is not something you can order, buy, or get there with money or by using special programs. Materials that are freely available on our blog will give you more benefits. Do not pay specialists who promise that you will definitely get into featured snippets because it is an element of the lottery: maybe yes, maybe not.

Do Your Thorough Research

To begin, you need to decide on keywords, questions, and topics related to your site, product, or service. You can search for ideas in several ways:

  1. With the help of analytics programs and searching for the most frequent keywords
  2. Using special SEO programs to find content ideas.
  3. Contact with the target audience

Life hack: use “win-win” ideas such as various DIY, how-to and who, how, where, etc.

Optimize Your Content

The main part of the work is creating new content and changing the format of the materials you already have. How to get featured snippets using content optimization?

  • Structure the text.
  • Use the table of content.
  • Illustrate the material with lists, tables, eye-grabbing images, and videos.
  • Give succinct but comprehensive answers to questions.
  • Cover not only the main but also related topics.

Forget About the One-shot Approach

The search engine looks at the site’s quality as a whole, so you shouldn’t rely on a single page that you hope to see at position zero. Create user-focused, engaging, comprehensive content on every page. This way, you will get much more chances to get into the recommended fragments and find even more supporters.

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