How to Use Videos and Webinars to Gain More Leads?

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How to Use Videos and Webinars to Gain More Leads?

With a rise in technological awareness, generating leads has ramified. Leads are potential individuals who can eventually develop into revenue-generating customers. Nowadays, there are many ways to generate more leads per unit time that form the lead gen content strategy framework. Videos and webinars are essential components of this framework. They appeal to the masses via attractive visual cues, converting them into regular customers. This article will focus on the ‘how-to’ aspects of generating leads using the components of videos and webinars.

Here are different ways to generate leads using videos and webinars. Also, you can read these tips to create a successful webinar.


Before providing any service, it is necessary to choose a clientele that belongs to a specific niche. It helps to link the objective of the service to their needs. Videos and webinars attract a larger audience as they are more lucrative forms of communication.

Stages of Marketing

While generating leads, you should classify the audience based on the stage of marketing they are in. It starts with awareness of the service to consider, buying, getting impressed, and lastly, advocating for the same. When people are watching the lead-generating videos or webinars, they are participating in the awareness stage of the process. It is essential to bring them into further stages using content marketing.


Co-marketing is necessary when the lead gen content is based on videos and webinars. It helps in generating leads within the same niche of audience. Nevertheless, the co-marketers should ensure that the services they are using to promote in the videos or webinars are not competing in nature. Instead, they should complement and mutually benefit from each other. Co-marketing increases the marketer’s knowledge, expertise, and exposure numbers. It increases the chances of lead generation.

A High-Quality Landing Page

A high-quality introductory page should promote every video or webinar. This page should have slots so that the registrant can input a primary number of personal details. It should also explain the aim of the product or service in a concise yet crisp way. In this way, a potential customer will get a bird’s eye view of the whole video or webinar, making it more likely for them to register and ultimately buy the service.

Nature of Content

The content of the video or webinar should be interactive. It helps the organization build a good understanding with the potential buyer by improving the trust levels. It should not be bland and should engage every age group within a particular niche. It’ll enhance the watch-time of the content, and the audience shall not leave mid-way. The more the trust levels, the more the customer will share their contact information. These details will help know the customer base better and generate more leads.


Besides being interactive and engaging, the visual content should educate the customer about the services provided. Knowing the audience shall help in pointing out the ‘prickly issues’ that brought this customer to check the video in the first place.

Proper Launch

It is essential to launch videos or webinars from credible platforms. The shady interface of launching platforms should be avoided. If a webpage is chosen for launching, it should be enhanced by a high-quality meta description and keywords in the title. It will enhance Search Engine Optimization and increase its visibility on search engines.


Good promotion will lure potential customers to attend the webinar or watch a video about any service or product. Using proper networking, outreach methods, and social media platforms can help to promote them more effectively.


Videos and webinars are excellent components of the lead gen content strategy. They provide visual and auditory cues to inform viewers about various services or products. If the viewer is attracted to the same, they may change into potential customers for a business. Therefore it is highly essential to know the nits and grits of the strategy before marketing. In this way, sales and revenues will reach new heights.

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