How Virtual Reality is Changing the Game for Businesses

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How Virtual Reality is Changing the Game for Businesses

Virtual reality is no longer of figment of the creative mind’s imagination, or a feature of science fiction movies and TV shows. It has recently hit the mainstream scene with use in gaming and by average consumers. Now, businesses are being quick to adopt this new technology to improve their processes and its applications are quite extraordinary. There are fantastic opportunities awaiting businesses that embrace VR, opening the doors to a world where the rules are different, and the only limit is your imagination.

Every industry of the working world has the potential to benefit from this powerful technology as just about every process that is done in the real world of business can be simulated in VR. The majority of the applications can be split into two diverse categories, either in training or practical application. From virtual job interviews to business meetings, the possibilities are endless. We will consider these possibilities in the article now, along with the benefits that are sure to await those who embrace them.

Applications of VR in the Business World

Amazingly, VR managed processes, content and applications allow for fleets of VR headsets to be coordinated and controlled. These controlled experiences allow you as the organiser to take control and remain orderly. Here are just a few avenues of business that VR is changing for the better.

  1. Training. Creating an immersive learning experience is an amazing innovation that’s transforming how people learn. It’s particularly helpful in areas that require an element of practical application. For instance, KFCs training program using a combination of virtual reality and real-world to create a highly effective learning experience for new cooks and workers. VR is becoming a great supplement for training programs to create an exciting experience that will improve results and help learners to stay engaged and retain what they learn.
  2. Communication and Collaboration. Remote working is the new norm, and health restrictions are still playing a part in keeping people separated. Furthermore, time constraints and the effect on the environment have caused many businesses to move over to virtual meetings and collaborations. Other teleconferencing platforms have their limitations, such as not being able to see body language and facial experiences. Through VR, teammates can meet, interact and work together from wherever they are working from.
  3. Product Development. Creating prototypes and physical products is expensive and take a lot of time, not to mention the environmental effects of the waste that is generated. Using VR to create virtual prototypes is an extremely efficient and effective solution. You can fully explore various features, developments, and variations cheaply and quickly. As an example, Ford and BMW use VR to test ideas and concepts before they build anything physical. The information they gather through this use can help development massively.
  4. Hiring and Recruitment. Not only can interviews be held virtually, but prospective hires and recruits can virtually experience your office to see what it’s like to be on the job. This is an important factor for many new hires today, who want more than just a promise of good pay but want the good atmosphere to go with it.
  5. Entertainment. With the pressures on people today, and the stress they experience at work, it’s vital to create ways for staff members to relax and unwind. Creating a relaxing VR experience can improve mental health and have a positive impact on the productivity on your team and the results they produce.

Benefits of Virtual Reality for Business

We’ve touched on some of the benefits, but if the applications above have got you thinking about what you could do with VR technology, there are more benefits to consider that may convince you to take the leap.

  1. It will save you money and time. Instead of investing valuable money on many different protypes, you can create a virtual one to test instead. Rather than running up a high bill of travel expenses, you can host a virtual conference. Save the time of having to visit various places to get updates on work by catching up with team members and partners in a virtual environment.
  2. It will make training safer and more effective. When staff can be trained in a virtual environment, they can’t hurt themselves by using equipment that could cause them harm when used incorrectly in the real world. A recent report shows that the occurrence of workplace injuries fell by 43 per cent in 2020 through the use of virtual training. Additionally, visitors can be kept safe through virtual tours too.
  3. Improve collaboration and cooperation. Bringing people together in a virtual environment will allow team members, although distanced, to feel united. They will be able to quickly answer questions and resolve problems. In crucial points of various projects and processes, meetings can be regular, often, and consistent, improving the success of the whole development.
  4. Enhance the customers experience and boost sales. Many retailers are now using virtual reality to stay ahead of the competition and boost their brands awareness. Forget the try before you buy schemes that involved waiting for products and sending them back if they are incorrect – you can now test out products for yourself through a virtual reality experience. Furthermore, travellers can visit a location virtually without having to leave their home to see if they truly want to make the trip. Customers and stakeholders gain a better understanding of the company as they see the body language cues and facial expressions of ones within the business. This often leads to more success than a simple phone call.

The Future is Virtual

Businesses and consumers alike are seeing the many benefits that are coming from the embracing of virtual reality. The possibilities of virtual reality are endless, and so are the advantages. To keep up to date and beat the competition, it’s only natural that virtual reality is the way to progress and succeed. Such innovative, immersive experiences put businesses at the top of their game, destined for success.

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