How You Need to SEO Audit to Tighten Up Your Blog Performance

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How You Need to SEO Audit to Tighten Up Your Blog Performance

What is an SEO audit, and how is it relevant to your website? Suppose you are looking for ways of auditing your website’s SEO then continue reading this guide.

As a business or organization, your main aim is to reach more clients through your website. And one of the compelling content marketing strategies is through blogs. But to rank high on search engine ranking pages, you need to use SEO rules.

After implementing all the search engine optimization strategies, you are no getting your desired organic traffic. So, what might be the issue? There might be many SEO problems that you don’t know which requires you to perform an SEO audit on your website.

You might be unaware of doing an SEO audit, but that should not worry you as Adelaide SEO services are available to help you.

Definition of SEO Audit

SEO audit is the process of scrutinizing your website’s optimization levels to rank on search engines. By doing an SEO audit, you get to correct SEO mistakes and improve your website’s usability and potentially increase its page ranking on SERPs.

Checking if your site is search engine optimized helps you discover which pages are visible on search engine and not. Also, you get to fix issues you did while publishing your blogs.

So, how do you audit if your website is optimized for a search engine? The following are ways to perform an SEO audit.

Note: Before that, you should first check your site’s SEO score. This will help determine if your blog is doing well or needs improvement. Use free SEO checkers online to discover any SEO issues and technical errors.

Factors to Consider When Doing an SEO Audit

Even though using an SEO checker will inform you, your site’s issues doing a full SEO audit are the most effective.

When you do a full search engine optimization audit, you need to check what your competitors are doing, and you are not. After you identify the issues, find relevant ways of changing them. Go ahead, implement the changes and your website will be among the top on SERPs.

The following are factors you should consider when performing an SEO audit.

1. Technical SEO

When you properly do technical SEO, your websites will be fast and easy to crawl by search engines. Some technical aspects you must consider include page titles, meta description, and canonical URLs.

These are the vital things you should check when it comes to technical SEO. To check whether your page titles are okay you can use online software like screaming frog. With this software, you can change the page titles.

Another thing you need to check is the meta descriptions of your blogs. Make them short and direct. This will ensure people will visit your site’s pages via search engines. Like page titles, you can check using the following programs; screaming frog, SEMrush, Moz, or Ahrefs.

When you technically optimize your website, you make it become fast, crawled quickly by search engines, no dead links, no duplicate content, and secure. Therefore, this will automatically improve your website. But not yet till you do check the other factors.

2. URL Inspection

URL inspection, also known as crawling is another thing you need to do to ensure that all your links are crawlable.

The term crawling means that your blogs can be identified by search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

You can get to know if all your website links can be crawled by using Google Search Console.

Get to sign up or sign in on Google Search Console and register your website. Then go to URL inspection. There you will be notified of all your links can be crawlable.

When you do that you will avoid issues like 404 errors, therefore, ensure there are noindex links on your blog to prevent search engines from avoiding them as they will never appear on SERPs.

3. Enhance your Site’s User Experience

If you get some of the people complaining about your website’s user experience, then you might be losing lots of traffic. For example, you might have an online store, and if the UX is not friendly, then the conversion rate will be negligible.

That’s why as you invest in writing top-notch blogs and following SEO guidelines ensure that your site’s user experience is good too. Ideally, you must go for affordable eCommerce SEO strategies to stand out from your competitors. When you invest in a great UX design, then you will increase the income you get from your website.

Apart from that, those who visit your site have a great time going through your blogs. There are more benefits to enhancing the UX of your website.

Other things that fall under UX are like;

  • Color – You should ensure that you have a user-friendly color that attracts your visitors.
  • Using images and videos – As you write your blogs and other content, make sure to insert relevant photos and videos. This boosts that information you are putting across.
  • Call to action – If you have an online store, then the use of CTAs will be relevant. This will make a potential customer purchase a product from you. This doesn’t work for online stores only but also websites that offer services.
  • Add Testimonials – Do you have previous customers who have recommended you after you offered them a service? Then add a testimonial page and add their reviews about you.

4. Mobile-Friendly Pages

The number of people globally using mobile phones is increasing over the years. And as per reports, more than 52% of traffic use their phones to search queries online.

Due to this report, you need to ensure your website is user-friendly. You can test if your site is mobile-friendly through Google Search Console.

When you find that some pages are not mobile-friendly, you can make the necessary changes so that mobile users can have a good time visiting your blog.

5. High-Quality Blog

Your blogs should be high-quality. The blog should answer queries asked by users on search engines.

Additionally, it should have a high readability score (easy to read), less passive voice sentences, and many sentences should be on active voice.

Also, you must check grammatical errors. You should make sure your content is free from grammar issues.

Finally, check plagiarism. Plagiarism has led to sites ranking low on SERPs. This should not be the case for you. Make it a norm to contain the content you want to publish on plagiarism sites such as Copyscape.

It will give you a report on whether the content is plagiarized or not.

Bottom line

SEO audit seems like a small task, but that’s not the case. It usually takes days or weeks to see results for Biotech SEO campaigns. Therefore, don’t hurry to check every factor stated in this guide keenly before you finalize. Ensure you make changes as you discover the issues of your blogs.

Thank you for your time. If you have any further issues with the SEO audit, please leave a comment, and we will help you.

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