Infographic: What Amazon Solution Is Perfect For You?

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Infographic: What Amazon Solution Is Perfect For You?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the required tech and services for a website to work seamlessly. Best of all, it grants different clients the opportunity to use its services in over 190 different countries and offers premium quality connectivity.

There is no doubt that AWS is the perfect brand for you to work with. However, there is an important question to ask. What web hosting solution does your business need?

The infographic made by covers most of the service AWS has. They are suitable for any type of website. It is perfect for massive websites that need a lot of computing power to run smoothly without sacrificing reliability and redundancy.

Static website hosting also is something AWS is equipped to handle, even though it might be an overkill to purchase AWS package for a static page.

On the other hand, if your websites contain any form of server-side scripting including ASP.NET and PHP, heavy graphics, loads of traffic, or video streaming services AWS is the perfect solution.

Another popular package, which is mentioned in the infographic below, is enterprise web hosting. Enterprise sites demand a lot. They sometimes need to scale resources to accommodate high traffic. This package is a perfect fit for customers who require maximum control and flexibility for web server configurations and administration.

The infographic below holds more details on extra packages and solutions that AWS offers its customers, and the meteoric rise to worldwide domination of this impressive service.

This article was published in cooperation with HostingTribunal.

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