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Internet Speed Requirements Netflix Video Streaming

Why is Netflix Gaining Popularity?

The use of Netflix has become increasingly famous over the past few years because of its original content and wide range of movies and TV shows. According to Statista, the number of paid subscribers on Netflix crossed 200 million by the fourth quarter of 2020.

Below are a few reasons why Netflix has become a buzzword around the globe.

1. Easy To Use Interface And Affordable Monthly Subscriptions

Netflix has an affordable monthly subscription plan, which is one of the main reasons people around the world use it. With its easy-to-use interface, people can find the movies they want to watch according to their taste.

2. A Variety Of Originals

Another reason for Netflix’s popularity is its original content, which the streaming innovator has been releasing since 2013. From House of Cards to Stranger Things, Netflix has captured audiences of every age and interest.

3. Access To Global Content

Those who can’t access cable services can take advantage of this streaming service to watch their favorite TV programs. Various countries place restrictions on content that people can view on television. Hence, entertainment programs available in one country aren’t available in another country. Netflix helps to remove such obstacles so streamers can enjoy the kind of content they like to watch.

4. Educational Documentaries

Netflix doesn’t limit itself to entertainment shows. It has various educational documentaries based on a variety of subjects that include history, geography, science, and space. The variety of content on Netflix is another reason for its popularity.

5. Content Restriction For Children

Parents who are anxious about allowing their children to watch shows on Netflix can use parental controls given by the streaming service. It allows them to control what kind of movies and TV shows their kids can watch by creating a kid-friendly profile on the streaming service. Moreover, a parent can view their watch history to make sure their children watch appropriate content.

6. Viewing Content Offline

Netflix initiated an offline playback function that allows mobile app users (Android and iOS) to cache content on their smartphones in standard or high quality. It enables users to watch the video without an Internet connection. At present, the feature is available for a selected number of movies and TV shows, but Netflix has promised to give support to more content through this feature.

Problems That Can Arise Due To A Poor Internet Connection

1. Increased Loading Times And Video Buffering

Watching a movie on a streaming service isn’t fun if the loading sign begins to show up after every minute. This problem is called buffering. It occurs when an internet connection provided by your ISP can’t supply data fast enough to the device your streaming on, i.e., a playback device.

The amount of downloaded data on your streaming device that loads ahead of the video being played online is called the buffer. A slow or low-bandwidth internet connection cannot load the video fast enough, which means the video keeps buffering. Therefore, you must get a high-speed internet connection to stream on Netflix.

2. Poor Graphics Quality

Buffering speed isn’t the only problem people with poor internet connection face. It also causes the graphics quality of the video to drop. One may find difficulty in streaming even at standard quality. So, the video may appear in the form of blocks. One may even avoid watching movies online if they are going to see such graphics.

Internet Connection Speed Recommendations For Netflix Viewers

To avoid slow buffering and poor video quality, one must have an internet connection from a reliable ISP provider. Such an internet connection should easily attain download speeds greater than 2 Mb/s.

The minimum speed required is 3 Mbps for watching videos on Netflix in standard quality. Netflix advises that the Internet speed should be at least 5 Mbps for streaming at HD quality. For Ultra HD or 4K quality, the speed should be able to exceed 25 Mbps.

The speed recommendations show the speeds required for the smooth running of the streaming service. If more than 1 family member uses an internet connection, greater internet speeds are required for providing a stable connection to other members in your home while you’re watching.

The speed requirements are quite low for standard and high definition streaming. However, it’s humongous for viewing videos at 4K. Tech experts advise that your internet connection speed must be greater than the speeds required for streaming.

Why Should The Internet Speed Be Higher?

Well, it’s highly unlikely that everyone in your home will be watching Netflix together on the same device. One of your siblings may like to play an online game or scroll through their social media account.

Another may use it to read a book or attend an online class. Home security cameras also acquire a constant internet connection to record and display real-time video of outdoor activity around your house.

Hence, experts recommend that the internet speeds should be at least 25 Mbps. It will allow not only you but your family members to carry out their tasks smoothly. If your family consists of more than 5 members, search for internet plans that provide download speeds greater than 25 Mbps.

Internet service providers who can provide fast, reliable connections should use digital marketing techniques to attract their target audience to generate more sales. There are a number of internet service providers out there. You have to check which internet service providers are legitimate and provide the best customer service in your area.

Conduct research to find out ISPs’ that provide the best deals at an affordable price. Look for reviews to make sure that the ISP you’re going to select provides high-speed internet.

Wrapping Up

It’s important one reserves time to relax and disconnect themselves from all the worries. Watching a movie or a TV show on Netflix is a great way to relax and spend your free time. However, keep in mind to use the best internet services to take full advantage of the streaming service.

With a high-speed and stable internet connection, one can enjoy watching a couple of episodes in peace rather than worrying about the loading symbol appearing again and again. Also, you get to enjoy watching any video in high quality.

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