Is Cisco CCNA R&S Certification Beneficial?

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Is Cisco CCNA R&S Certification Beneficial?

Cisco is a worldly recognized company that specializes in providing communication and networking services. It certifies IT professionals who are building their career in networking. Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching (CCNA R&S) is the entry-level certification in networking designed by Cisco to test your skills to operate, troubleshoot and install medium size enterprise networks. It is the basic one that assists you to get the foundational skills and confidently pave your way towards the certifications of the professional (CCNP) and expert (CCIE) levels.

Five Reasons You Should Be Cisco CCNA R&S Certified

Possessing the CCNA R&S certification is the best way to begin a career in networking. Read on and unleash the many advantages of this credential:

1. You will be certified by the globally recognized leader in networking

Cisco routing and switching technologies are on the lead with the largest market share and greatest installed bases across industries. The majority of today’s internet traffics move over the network pathways established with Cisco infrastructure products. If trained and certified with Cisco, your skills will be more marketable PrepAway Training Courses.

2. You’ll possess relevant skills

A great majority of candidates in the world thrive to earn Cisco certifications, and the CCNA R&S is one of the most sought-after. It’s an essential mark on your CV list, as it testifies that you possess skills necessary to get position of a networking engineer. It shows that you are competent enough to complete the tasks that relate to the next generation technologies. Check out a place like www.calc.edu/programs/network-engineer/ if you want to enroll in a Network Engineer program class.

The need for an in-depth understanding of network protocols, infrastructure and how they function is relevant. Now that the need is intensifying, the CCNA R&S credential provides you with the competencies to succeed in networking. The training programs that you undergo teach you to monitor, troubleshoot and install the network infrastructure that is closely connected to the internet of things (IoT).

3. Certification grants more career options

Being a holder of the CCNA R&S certification, your career path will have limitless possibilities. The majority of the companies look for certified specialists when the talk is about hiring or promoting. Within the Cisco, program you can proceed along the R&S track moving towards professional and expert levels. As for job opportunities, on the CCNP level, you can opt for positions of Sr. Network Engineer, Chief Information Officer, Systems Engineers; on the expert level, you can build a successful career of a Network Support Engineer, Senior Network Specialist, among many.

Or else, you can apply for the certifications that refer to such tracks as Collaboration, Data Center, Security or Wireless, among many. With Cisco credential on your side, you will be prepared to take your career in any direction of your choice.

4. Certification keeps you on the technological trend

Cisco regularly surveys the ever-changing IT landscape for multiple technological developments that pose an effect on your job role as a networker and equip you with the most relevant skills. The CCNA R&S is no exception. Cisco’s latest revision to the curriculum integrates an understanding of network functions and interactions of firewalls, access points, and wireless controllers, with an additional focus on IPv6 and basic network security.

5. Certifications help increase your pay

Cisco certification increases your earning potentials. Being a CCNP R&S certified specialist, your annual salary can range from $62,000 to $112,000, while being an expert, you can earn around $123,000 yearly. So, the CCNA R&S is a good start for you, as initially it will bring you the income of $76,000 per year.

Before embarking on your studies, it is important to understand the prerequisites of getting the CCNA R&S credential. This article covers the main information about the CCNA R&S certification and exam you need to pass, exam details, their format, passing score, cost and where you can take them.

So, to start with the CCNA R&S certification can be gained in two ways:

1. Pass two exams 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2

100-105 ICND1 exam is designed to test how the candidate is equipped with skills that relate to network fundamentals, routing and LAN switching technologies, as well as infrastructure services. The test contains 45-55 question which you have to complete within an hour and a half. Passing this exam will bring you the CCENT credential.

The second exam that leads you to get the CCNA R&S certification is 200-105 (ICND2) test. It verifies the candidate’s skills and knowledge related to IPv4 and IPv6 routing and switching, LAN switching and WAN technologies, along with infrastructure services and maintenance. The exam includes 55-65 questions and the time allotted for them is 90 minutes. Each of these exams will cost you $165.

2. Pass one exam composite exam (CCNA 200-125 )

The exam is designed to test the candidate’s skills and knowledge related to LAN switching technologies, network fundamentals, IPv6 and IPv4 routing technologies, infrastructure services, WAN technologies, infrastructure management, and security. The exam lasts for 90 minutes during which you need to complete 60-70 questions. 200-125 test includes multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank, simulation, and, simlet. This exam will cost you $325.

ICND1 and ICND2 target individuals who want to split the test into smaller and more manageable chunks.

Where to take the exam?

Cisco offers exams of the two following types: self-administered online exams and proctored exams. The self-administered online exams are taken in any place where there is internet access. Proctored exams are taken at a test center in a secure environment, they are timed, as well as proctored. The CCNA R&S exams can be taken at Pearson VUE – an authorized Cisco partner that delivers its exams to candidates.

Tips to pass Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching Exam

Passing the CCNA R&S certification exams is not easy. You need a perfect strategy to sharpen up your skills during the preparation process. Below are the best strategies to follow to score well in your exams:

1. Make a planning

First of all, check the official website to get the exam study guide, it covers the exam objectives, and make it easy for you to manage your time according to the topics mentioned. Then search for the optional books related to the topics covered in the exam, for example, visit the Amazon website.

2. Focus on getting practical knowledge

Reading a number of books is in vain if you don’t know how to apply the theory. The best way to understand every topic and concept is to practice them in a Cisco training lab. This approach will help you learn and clear the concept in the most favorable manner. You must be conversant with the troubleshooting process among other processes to ace up your exams.

3. Choose the best study materials

To ace the CCNA R&S exams, get the best and actual study materials that will help you make good grades in the exam. On the Cisco official website, you’ll find a bulk of self-study materials, classroom training, and all you need to get practical skills. So, publications made by Cisco are the substantial sources and should be the first choice during your preparation process for the CCNA R&S exams.

4. Practice and practice

Examsnap the quote, “practice makes perfect” is about the preparation for the CCNA R&S exams. After learning the basic knowledge, practicing should follow to find the gaps in your knowledge and systematize the learned material. Examsnap is the perfect option. The website contains the most updated exam dumps that you can train unlimited times. Note, that they are free of charge. The files verified by IT experts are also available and known as Premium Bundle. To enhance your preparation, video courses are at your disposal as well.

5. Refresh your knowledge

After you’ve gained the knowledge and are confident in your practical skills, go through Cisco guide books, as it helps refresh the memory. Identify anything that might be skipped before the scheduled exam dates. The last weeks before the exam should be dedicated to solving questions. Relax and take a good sleep the night before the exam. Eat healthy food and be calm on the exam date. It will help you tackle the exam questions no matter how difficult they are.


The CCNA R&S certification is paramount in your career. It does not only open the doors of success but also places you in a position to market yourself as a networking expert. With this in mind, give your best in the exam preparation to score well.

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