10 Key Advantages of Using Dedicated Server Hosting

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10 Key Advantages of Using Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is like a private house. A single owner is responsible for it. Security is up to them, as is the distribution of its resources, redesigning, etc. Rather like the house analogy, dedicated server hosting is a mature step in a website owner’s life. But how liberating it is!

And it’s not only that: businesses and consumers ”went digital” after the pandemic hit. Those who denied modern technologies lost more by the time they finally invested in an online presence.

Therefore, it’s clear that the demand for hosting is greater than ever. But instead of sharing a house with neighbors, why not make it fully private? Especially when there’s a list of the 10 key advantages of the best dedicated server.

#1. Security

Regardless of your website functions, there’s always personal data that needs to be protected. E-mails, financial information, and media files are much safer with a dedicated server. Why? Because there are no other sites that can be attacked and affect the work of others.

However, some measures should be taken to ensure safety:

  • Responsible attitude to updates;
  • Strong and frequently password changes;
  • Back-ups regularly;
  • Implementation of emergency protocols.

#2. Fast Load Speed

Dedicated server hosting is perfect for high-traffic websites with video streaming, music, and other media files. The risk of site cruising in peak hours is lower, and high bandwidth allows for downloading large files in a shorter time.

#3. Full Control

Being a server owner makes root access possible. That means choosing applications, tools, system configuration, and security programs for yourself. Sometimes it might require specialist help, but the best dedicated server providers can easily sort it out.

#4. Reliability

In shared hosting, multiple websites can affect each other’s performance. That causes trouble with SEO since it is closely related to a website’s speed. Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, provides the highest level of reliability.

#5. ​Flexibility

It’s not always clear how successfully a start-up will perform. If it grows rapidly, it’ll be a time loss to transfer from shared to dedicated hosting. The hosting advantage is that when website traffic increases, there’s nothing to worry about.

Being the owner of a dedicated server, it’s easy to customize it as per your individual requirements for RAM, disk space, CPU, and software.

#6. Creativity

A lot was said on the subject of control over the dedicated server. To a creative mind, it gives freedom to:

  • Design and optimize the site’s performance;
  • Decide on an HTML-designed or a CMS-based website;
  • Adjust hardware specifications;
  • Install your own operating system​.

#7. IP-Address Perks

Reputation means a lot on the Internet, and it’s frustrating when other users get a shared IP into trouble. With dedicated server hosting, the risk of IP blacklisting is not a problem at all. Only the owner is responsible for the address.

It’s also great as a gaming server since it provides the highest level of online gaming possible. Shared servers don’t deliver the necessary results. A dedicated server is the best way to feel a game properly and enjoy visualization.

#8. ​Lower Expenses

Compared to a shared server, the dedicated one is more expensive, for sure. Yet there’s a chance to rent one if purchasing isn’t an option. This is affordable and convenient – the best hosting providers take responsibility for server maintenance.

It’s not exactly the same as owning a physical server, but the difference is negligible.
If this is the first experience with the dedicated server, then it’s even preferable.

#9. Higher Productivity

Whatever happens to a dedicated server, it’ll be easier and quicker to sort out. It also outperforms cloud hosting. That means no time wasted; the business keeps running.

When choosing dedicated server hosting, it’s necessary to pay attention to certain factors:

  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Bandwidth
  • Storage
  • Technical Support

#10. Server Location Choice

A crucial point for a start-up or mature business that expands its presence on a worldwide market is that it’s possible to choose a dedicated server hosting location.

Sharing the same location with the customers helps rank the website faster. And sometimes, customers from different countries just can’t access a website address because of state restrictions. That’s why it’s important to have control over this part of hosting, too, and choose the provider properly.

Final Thoughts

Today keeping all your eggs in one basket means developing a business in only one world, physical or virtual. With dedicated server hosting, going digital is safe and convenient. Full control seemed possible in a physical world.

However, now it’s a virtual world that can be kept under your thumb. With so many advantages, it promises an enjoyable experience both for the owner and for the customers. The best way to learn how to use this power is through practice. Why not start now?

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