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9 Best Free Resources to Learn New Things Online

There are countless resources on the internet which you can use to learn new things online. Starting from free to the paid ones. Among so many resources on the internet we are going to narrow the list to the best free 9.

Online encyclopedia like Wikipedia is obviously should be on the list. From this kind of website you can learn nearly everything you want to know about. If text is not enough, you can also take advantages of TED, the best repository of the free speeches from the experts around the world. Still not enough? There is also wikiHow, a place where you can discover the how-to of nearly everything.

Why do you need to learn a new thing?

This world isn’t as small as you thought. There are so many things out there that you haven’t known. Learning a new thing is not only good to gain knowledge. It’s also good to get a new idea of what you are going to do next.

Here is the list of the best free 9 websites to learn something new everyday.

1. TED

Let’s start from this one. As of today, TED is probably the only website that enables to watch inspiring speeches from the expert around the globe. You can find inspiring speeches videos from famous figures like Bill to Steve Jobs, along with many others in each field. Most importantly, all videos are available for free. You can even download the videos for offline viewing. Most speakers in TED speak in English. Don’t worry if your English isn’t too good. TED also provides subtitles for every uploaded video.

Want to listen audio only? Of course you can. Apart from video, you can also download the speeches in audio format (MP3). By the way, what kind of video you can watch in TED? Any kind. Just visit TED.com and discover by yourself.

2. Wikipedia

Like I said earlier. It would be a mistake without mentioning Wikipedia as one the best free resources to learn new things online. Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia. Whoever you are, you can always take advantages of Wikipedia to learn over new things you haven’t known before. Wikipedia isn’t only available in English. Nearly all languages are supported by Wikipedia. Everyday, Wikipedia changes its front page with a featured article. You can take advantages of this to learn a random thing everyday.

3. Wikihow

WikiHow is a bit similar to Wikipedia. But, this site focuses on the how-to articles. There are over 175,000 free step-by-step articles on how to do anything. Each article is packed in a good package with some cartoonized images. All articles in wikiHow are released under the Creative Common License. WikiHow is best suited if you are looking for steps to do something.

4. HowStuffWorks

Like the name suggests, in HowStuffWorks you can learn how things work. In HowStuffWorks you can learn more about something you care about. Articles in this site are divided into some categories starting from adventure to tech. Spending your spare time by reading articles on HowStuffWorks is a good way to gain new knowledge over something you have probably never thought before.

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another great resource where you can learn a new thing online or sharpen your skill an a certain field. Before being able to use this site you are required to have an account. Khan Academy provides online courses you can enroll anytime you want. Furthermore, you can also take advantages of this site by watching insightful videos or reading informative articles from a certain topic. In Khan Academy you can also interacting with other users to make your learning process be more fun.

What kind of knowledge you can get from Khan Academy?. There are a number of subjects you can choose based on the field you interested in. Starting from math, chemistry, physics, computer and lots more.

6. W3Schools

W3Schools is a popular website in the web developers scope. If your focus is web development too, then you should start set this site as your best reference. In W3Schools you can learn web oriented languages like HTML, CSS to PHP.

W3Schools is a great site for all level of web developers. The good part about W3Schools is that it comes with a live editor to enable you implementing the theory you have just learned. You can also save your project to your Google Drive account. W3Schools is a great website for all web developers from any level to learn new techniques.

7. Coursera

When you are being bored with your current job, all you need to do sometimes is learning new thing and have some fun the that. You can start this by taking an online course. Speaking of online course, Coursera is one the best websites you can refer to. This site hosts thousands of online courses. Most courses are available for free and handled by experts from world’s best colleges like Stanford, University of Michigan and lots more.

Online courses available in Coursera are not limited to hard skill but also soft skill. You might interested to read our previous article to find out what kind of soft skill you can learn from Coursera.

8. Duolingo

Being able to speak in multiple languages is such a pleasure. And again, internet is a nice place where you can learn to a new foreign language. Duolingo is one of the best websites to enable you learn to a new language in a fun way. Instead of boring texts, Duolingo offers you some interactive games so you can learn while playing.

9. YouTube

YouTube? Seriously? Of course!

YouTube is not just for entertainment. You can also take advantages of YouTube to learn something new. There are some channels in YouTube run by individuals, communities to companies which regularly post informative videos. You can subscribe to this kind of channel to learn new things online on YouTube.

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