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10 Reliable Resources to Learn PHP Online

Not all websites but, most current dynamic websites are built using PHP. PHP itself is a popular server-side scripting language that was designed primarily for web development. Since it is a server-side scripting language you need to install a web server to run PHP.

Many people who dream of becoming a web developer learn to PHP. Not just because it is a popular web oriented language. Other reason why people want to learn PHP is because it is flexible enough and can be integrated more easily with other languages including JavaScript and HTML and even Python.

You don’t have to be an old-fashioned person to learn PHP. I mean, reading a physical book and practice what you have read on your computer. There are some online resources which you can use as your references. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t suggest you to not reading a physical book. Reading a physical book is good, even better. I just want to show you a flexible way to learn PHP. Here are some reliable resources which you can use to learn PHP online.

1. W3Schools

In case you didn’t know, W3Schools is popular enough website in the web developers scope where you can learn several web oriented languages, including PHP. The PHP section of W3Schools contains materials from A to Z which you can learn to become a PHP master. From introduction to how to integrate PHP with other languages as well as connecting it to database. There are also examples which you can try directly yourself. If you need more, this website also offers exam with a certificate.

2. Learn PHP

Just like the name suggests, Learn PHP is an online resource where you can learn PHP. Learn PHP isn’t as complete as W3Schools in terms of content. You can only learn some basic materials like variables, arrays, strings to objects. There is no advanced levels offered by this resource. The interesting part about Learn PHP is that it comes with an online PHP editor to enable you instantly practice the materials you learned. That way, you can learn PHP online from anywhere without having to be hassle to install web server.

3. Tutorialspoint

Tutorialspoint is an extremely great resource to learn PHP online. This is the combination between W3Schools and Learn PHP. The materials offered by this site is complete enough where you can learn PHP from basic to advanced. From introduction to implementation. Most importantly, the website also features an editor to allow you practicing what you have learned instantly without having to install a web server first. Like two resources above, each PHP chapter on Tutorialspoint also features examples.

4. Codecademy

Unlike 3 resources mentioned earlier which don’t require you to create an account, you need to create a Codecademy account before being able to access the offered PHP materials. Codecademy itself is an online course service with the focus on programming languages. PHP is one the languages you can learn from Codecademy. The PHP online course offered by Codecademy is going to teach you fundamental PHP concepts like data types, functions, control flow and so on.

5. Sololearn

Same as Codecademy, you have to be a registered member before being able to access the materials offered by Sololearn. In Sololearn you will learn PHP step by step, from the introduction. You need to answer several quizzes before stepping to the next level. There is also an editor to let you try the codes yourself. In addition to web, you can also access Sololearn from your Android and iPhone devices.

6. Lynda

The PHP materials on Lynda were designed for intermediate users so you won’t see something like “Hello World!”. Lynda is a great resource to learn PHP online if you want to build a web app using PHP. You will be taught how to use PHP with a MySQL database as well as when you have to use a framework like CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, or CakePHP to build an ap. Lynda is fully paid service but, you are given a 30-day trial. There are two packages offered by this resource Basic and Premium.

7. Udemy

Udemy is similar to Lynda in some ways. They both are fully paid service. They also teach you how to use PHP with a MySQL database. The difference is, in Udemy you will learn PHP from zero so, whoever you are, you can rely on this resource as your online school to learn PHP. Even if you just getting started to learn PHP.

8. HTML.net

HTML.net is a bit similar to W3Schools. This website also offers materials from several web oriented programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and well, PHP. The PHP section on this site also covers all level from beginner to advanced. Those who new to PHP can take advantage of HTML.net to learn the basic concept of PHP on the introduction chapter while intermediate users can maximize the resource to learn more about such techniques as cookies and session. You will also be able to learn how to use PHP to access database. HTML.net might has no interactive interface like Sololearn and Codecademy but, if you are the one who is concerned with the content then HTML.net is a nice option to learn PHP online.

9. Code School

Code School is another online course just like Udemy and Codecademy. You need to be a paid member before being able to learn PHP in this resource. If it’s not a problem for you then you can consider to make this resource as your learning space.

10. GreyCampus Codelabs

GreyCampus provides training and certification to working professionals in different domains like PMP, AIML, ITIL etc. GreyCampus also provides an online platform – Codelabs, for a guided tutorial on various programming languages. Learning the open source scripting language, PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor) is simple through step by step sections in Codelabs. This platform is not just about learning but also about applying what you learned, which can be done from ‘Try it’ and assignment sections in each division.

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