How to Listen to YouTube Music Without Video

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How to Listen to YouTube Music Without Video

Everyone knows that YouTube is the world’s largest video repository. You can find any kind of video from the service starting from comedies, movie trailers to music videos.

While most people visit YouTube to watch video, there are some who just want to listen music without wanting the video. Or simply they only have a limited data plan so it’s impossible for them to listen more videos on YouTube since it can exhaust their quota.

Isn’t there Spotify and the similar app to listen to music?. Of course there is. But Spotify and the similar app are not as reach as YouTube. Spotify is exclusively for official songs only. While in YouTube you can find more diverse songs like a video cover from your favorite indie singer.

Don’t worry, if you want to keep listening to music on YouTube but have a limited data plan, you can disable the video to minimize the data usage.

There are no many services to allow you disable video on YouTube to listen the music only but, you can try a Google Chrome extension called “Audio Only Youtube”. The extension keep allows you to discover musics on YouTube — complete with video thumbnails. But, it will disable the video once you pick a certain video to watch it.

If you interested to try the extension just visit this page to install it on your Google Chrome. After installing the extension you will see a new tiny icon at the icon bar of Google Chrome.

Just click this new icon every time you want disable the video of a music you want to listen on YouTube.

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