4 Best Sites to Find Movie Subtitles

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4 Best Sites to Find Movie Subtitles

Unless you are an alien who can speak in all languages, you clearly need a subtitle while watching a foreign movie to understand what’s being said. Not all foreign movies provide a subtitle in your language so you have to search it by your own.

Commonly, people will be googling for a movie subtitle every time they want to watch a foreign movie that doesn’t include a subtitle in the language they speak in. There is no bad with that but, it’s better to have a trusted source of movie subtitle you can thoroughly rely on, to provide quality, diverse and multilingual subtitles.

Most movie subtitles are available in SRT format. There are some great websites which you can rely for a movie subtitle. Here is the list.

1. Subscene

Try to ask your movie addict friends what website they usually visit every time they want to download a movie subtitle. Most of them might will say Subscene. It’s make sense enough why Subscene has turned into a favorite movie subtitle site. Apart from having abundant collection, the site also has a clear interface. You are provided a search bar at the top side of the site which you can use to search the stuff you want with ease. Subscene also lets to contribute by uploading your subtitle. Various languages are available in Subscene.

2. Opensubtitles

Another well-known movie subtitle website that your friend will suggest if you ask them is probably Opensubtitles. This site also has large multilingual database of movie subtitles, which you can explore easily though a search bar. You will be able to narrow the search results by filtering based on the language you speak in. This site also enable you to upload your own subtitle if you have one so other users can enjoy your work.

3. iSubtitles

To be honest, iSubtitles is not the best option when it comes to a user friendly website. This website has too many pop-up ads which lead you to get annoyed. It’s just, the website has a large enough database to expand your opportunity to get the subtitle you want. Basically, iSubtitles has a clean enough interface. But, once again. The way the website monetizing its site is sucks.

4. YIFY Subtitles

Another website that you can rely for an accurate movie subtitle is YIFY Subtitles. The site has a dark but clear interface. There is no annoying monetization method applied too so you can search your preferred subtitle more comfortably. YIFY Subtitles also has a large multilingual database of movie subtitles which you can discover via a handy search bar. Before downloading the subtitles you can read the brief information about the movie you are going to watch such as IMDB rating, duration, and the year of release.

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