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12 of The Best Online Bookmark Managers

When browsing the web you sometimes stumbled in unexpected websites. Since you think that those websites contain good enough materials, you think it would be nice to bookmark them to read later when you have enough spare time. In such scenario, an online bookmark manager could be a better option. Why?

Basically, all modern web browsers have a bookmark feature to allow you saving interesting web pages you potentially find during browsing. The problem is, bookmarking web pages using the default bookmark feature of a web browser means that you can’t access them (the web pages you have bookmarked) from other devices.

Conversely, an online bookmark manager allows you to access all of the web pages you have bookmarked from web browser on any device as long as you have an internet connection. This can make you be much more flexible. For instance, you can bookmark web pages from the office computer to read them later from home.

Here are several online bookmark manager tools that you can use.

1. Start.me

start.me is clearly the most professional and versatile bookmark manager of our selection. With a free account you get to save unlimited bookmarks on unlimited pages. They offer many other useful widgets too, like notes, News feeds, social media widgets. If you want to have access to premium features like a Broken link checker or Google integration, you pay $20. Add to this advanced sharing options, free browser extensions and mobile apps, and you’ll understand why we like it so much. Also, did we mention their great support team? start.me says they want to make your online experience more efficient and fun, and we think they nailed it!

2. Pocket

Pocket is a pretty cool bookmark manager that I love to. This bookmark manager comes with a number of useful features to allow you managing the web pages you bookmarked. For instance, you can create tags to put together all of the related pages for easier discovery. Adding new bookmarks in this tool is extremely easy. There are several ways you can use to add a new bookmark.

First, you can add new a bookmark by logging in to the Pocket web-client and clicking the “+” icon at the top-right corner. Additionally, you can also install browser extension to ease your job in adding new bookmarks. Furthermore, Pocket also offers mobile app so can be truly flexible since you can access all of the bookmarked web pages from anywhere using your smartphone.

3. Booky

Booky is also a great online bookmark manager. To manage your bookmarks, Bookly allows you to create categories to put together all of the web pages with the related topic. This way, you can discover your bookmarked pages more easily. There is also a search box you can use in case you have too many bookmarked pages. Booky also offers a browser extension to ease you adding new bookmarks. Unfortunately, the extension currently only available for Google Chrome. No mobile app is offered yet. Booky has an import and export features to enable you switching from another service to Booky, and vice versa.

4. Bookmax

Bookmax is great online bookmark manager that you can use with your team. You can add other members to bookmark interesting web pages on Bookmax for collective access. However, you need to be a paid member to do this. Same as Pocket, Bookmax also adopts the tagging approach that you can maximize to make your bookmarks be more organized. Before adding new bookmarks, Bookmax requires you to add the title of the pages you want to save. Additionally, this online bookmark manager also allows you creating folders.

To ease your job in adding new bookmarks Bookmax also offers browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox. The bookmark manager also comes with an import and export features for migration need.

5. Raindrop.io

Raindrop.io is another online bookmark manager that I personally love so much. This bookmark manager comes with an intuitive interface and a number of useful features to manage your bookmarks. Raindrop.io allows you to display the bookmarked pages into four modes fro List, Headlines, Cards and Moodboard. Displaying your bookmarks in the Cards mode will give you a very nice look. In Raindrop.io you can add a or more tags for easier search. You can even sort the bookmarked pages by date, name and popularity.

While you can use Raindrop.io for free, paid version is also available with more advanced features. Including the integration feature with Dropbox and Google Drive. The best thing about Raindrop.io is its availability. To ease you adding new bookmarks from any device this bookmark manager offers apps for macOS, Windows, Android and iPhone. Browser extensions are also available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

6. Instapaper

There is no relation between Instapaper and Instagram. Instapaper is a great online bookmark manager to help you save and manage interesting web pages you accidentally find during browsing the web. By default, this bookmark manager comes with a white interface, but you can change it to dark or sepia if you want it. Instapaper offers neither tag nor category, but you can create folders to put together all of the related pages.

In addition to web, this bookmark manager also offers browser extensions and mobile apps. This service also allows you to import bookmarks from other services as well as exporting them.

7. Draggo

Draggo allows you to put together your bookmarks on the different categories. Each category can be separated into different tabs. To ease you adding new bookmarks Draggo also offers browser extension. If you doesn’t “click” with the default theme, you can also change it. Draggo has eight different templates you can apply. Draggo also allows you uploading your own images from your local storage. Same as other online bookmarks mentioned above, you can also import bookmarks from other services to Draggo. However, if you want to export bookmarks from Draggo you are required to unlock it (the export feature) by performing certain actions.

8. Bucmarks

Bucmarks features a drag and drop functionality to allow you arrange your bookmarked pages. This bookmark manager also allows you to create folders to put together all of the related pages. Importing bookmarks from other services is also allowed as well as exporting. You can right-click on a certain bookmark to edit, re-arrange or move it to certain folder.

To ease you in accessing your bookmarked pages, Bucmarks uses a direct URL approach. For instance if you register to Bucmarks with a username of “bookmarks”, you can visit the URL of “bucmarks.com/mybookmarks” to access your bookmarked pages without having to login. The consequence, all internet users will be able to see as well as accessing your bookmarked pages. In other words, your bookmarks will be public. Bucmarks hasn’t offered any browser extension by far.

9. Bookmarkninja

Bookmarkninja is a fully paid online bookmark manager. But, you are given a 30-day period of free trial to use it. During the trial period you can bookmark as many web pages as you want. If you find Bookmarkninja don’t good enough you can export your bookmarked pages to be imported in other service. Bookmarkninja has a similar approach to Draggo where you can create several tabs to put together all of the related bookmarks. Additionally, you can also create categories.

If you have too many bookmarks in certain category, you can sort them by name for easier search. Bookmarkninja offers browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. In opposite to Bucmarks, Bookmarkninja will keep your bookmarks private.

10. Quickbookmarks

Another online bookmark manager that features a tabbed interface. Quickbookmarks also allows you to bookmark interesting web pages you potentially find during browsing the web, as well as organize them. In addition to tab which you can use to put together all of the related bookmarks, you can also create a bookmark group.

In contrast to its name, adding new bookmarks in Quickbookmarks is a bit more complex than other tools in this list, despite of the availability of an browser extension. You will be brought to a new page every time you want to add new bookmark and will be asked to fill out several columns. This bookmark manager also features import and export functionalities, respectively.

11. Diigo

Diigo is not designed specifically as a bookmark manager. Instead, you can also use this tool for taking notes as well as annotating PDF and image files. For every web page you bookmark, you can mark it as Read it Later. To make your bookmarks be more organized you can add tags to every bookmark you create. This online bookmark manager also offers browser extension to makes it easy for you adding new bookmarks. Furthermore, Diigo also allows you to create a group for a collaboration purpose.

12. Google Bookmarks

Speaking of online bookmark manager we can’t absolutely ignore this service from Google. Google Bookmarks has no fancy look like services mentioned above but if what matter to you the most is functionality then Google Bookmarks is a worth-trying item. The online bookmark manager from Google doesn’t offer much. It has no browser extension or mobile app, but you can manage your bookmarks by adding tags when adding new bookmarks. You can also sort your bookmarks by title, date or label for an easier search. Furthermore, Google Bookmarks also allows you export your bookmarks but, you won’t be able to do the opposite.

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  1. All I want to do is remove duplicates and clean up my 4,000 bookmarks. No luck after spending tons of time on all sorts of so called bookmark managers. They all want money, but so far do not mention actually managing my marks.

    Any ideas?

    • You can use OneTab to remove duplicates. Import bookmarks into OneTab (select no duplicates in options) to remove duplicates. OneTab is not ideal for organizing and grouping bookmarks. You can export the bookmarks once you’ve removed the duplicates.

  2. I recommend one – onekeep.com, clean UI, easy to use, import/export/clean up duplicates or broken URLs. Just try it.


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