5 Best Online Business Card Makers You Can Use for Free

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5 Best Online Business Card Makers You Can Use for Free

Whether you are a freelancer or a corporate employee, you need a business card to let other people know who you are and what is your expertise. You don’t have to be a design master to create a stunning business card. You don’t even need to install a design tool on your computer thanks to existence of online design tools.

There are a bunch of online design tools out there with the capability of creating business card. The good news is, some of which can be used for free although the features might are not as rich as the premium version.

Whether you want to create a new business card or want to replace the old one, following are the tools you can use to create business card for free.

1. Canva

Canva is one of the most popular online design tools. It is a versatile tool which you can use to create a wide range of design types, including business card. Canva itself is a freemium tool that has rich features. There are hundreds or even thousands of business card templates you can choose from, even if you use the free version of the tool. When creating a business card with this tool, you can upload a logo from your computer. Canva is able of providing abundant business card templates since it has an open ecosystem whereby third parties are allowed to contribute design templates. Canva allows you to download the finished business card in such formats as PDF, JPG and PNG. You can also save the unfinished business cards to continue later since Canva also features a file manager.

2. Lucidpress

Lucidpress is often considered as the best online alternative to Adobe InDesign, allowing Linux users to use it as well. The features and capabilities offered by Lucidpress are extremely similar to InDesign. You can even open as well as edit an InDesign file with Lucidpress. You can also use Lucidpress to create business card without spending a dime by making use of its free version since Lucidpress is freemium tool. The free templates offered by Lucidpress are not as rich as Canva. Lucidpress also allows you to add your company logo to the business card you are working on.

3. FotoJet

The vast majority of online design tools available today require you to create an account before being able to use. FotoJet is something different. You can use this tool without creating an account. The features and offered business card templates are also rich enough. Richer than Lucidpress. It’s just, you have to deal with ads banner when working if you use the free version. It’s not a good news if you have to work with a smaller device since the ads banners take pretty much portion of the screen. FotoJet also allows you to upload images from computer, meaning that you can add your company logo to the business card you are creating.

4. Crello

Crello is also a great tool you can use to create business card online for free. It’s a freemium tool, but all of the features — and also templates — can be used for free. Crello makes money by selling photos since the tool is owned by a stock photo company, Depositphotos. As long as you don’t use the photos from Depositphotos you don’t need to pay anything. The business card templates offered by Crello are also rich enough. There are tens. This tool also features a file manager to allow you to save the unfinished designs.

5. Business Card Maker

Just like the name suggests, Business Card Maker is an online tool to allow you creating business card. Unlike four first tools above which are versatile design tools, Business Card Maker is specifically built to create business card. It also provides tens of business card templates you can use for free and each template has a spot to place your company logo. This tool has not much features like tools above, but it is worth-trying enough if you are looking for a free tool to create business card. The finished business card can be downloaded in either JPG or PDF format.

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