11 Online Color Pickers Every Designer Should Know About

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11 Online Color Pickers Every Designer Should Know About

Color is one of the most important aspects of a design other than the design itself. A proper selection of color will be able to attract the users as well as retain them. Regarding with design, there are many tools you can use to pick the color, including the ones available on the internet.

The designing tool you use on your daily basis might have been equipped with a feature to pick a color, but there will be a condition where you will need some help from online color picker. Probably, you are surfing the web using a someone else’s computer and stumbled on an attractive site and wondering about the applied colors. Or, you are probably a CCS programmer who frequently work using different machines and need a flexible tool to work with.

Well, whatever the situation that lead you to use an online color picker, here are some options which you can use.

1. HSL Color Picker

The first online color picker you can rely on every time you need to check the code of certain color is HSL Color Picker. Its name told it all. This tool was created by someone named Brandon Mathis. The man released his project for free under the MIT License, which mean you can modify in case you want it. The use of HSL Color Picker is quite easy. Just use your mouse to pick a certain color and you will be presented the hex code of the color as well as the RGBA code.

2. Adobe Color

Adobe, the company behind Photoshop and Illustrator also has a tool to enable you picking color online. The tool is called Adobe Color. While this tool is projected for the Adobe Creative Suite users, anyone can also use it without having to create an Adobe Account. Adobe Color comes with a fancy look. There are 7 different color rulers which you can use to pick your preferred color. The intention of this tool is like HSL Color Picker which is to help you checking both hex code and RGB code of certain colors. The registered users of Adobe Color can save the color themes for a further usage.

3. Paletton

Paletton is a pretty cool online color picker. Not just because it comes with a fancy look, but also rich of feature. One of the features is the ability to preview the colors on the palette to give a glance look on how they will be once applied on a site. More interestingly, you will also be able to convert the colors as CSS to ease your job in applying them on the design you are working on.

4. Material UI

Another tool you can use to pick color online is Material UI. Same as three tools mentioned above, the intention of this tool is to ease your job in getting the hex and RGB code of the colors you are going to apply to your design. Material UI has provided several groups of color where you can get the hex code with a single click. However, the online color picker also gives you a freedom to pick your own color.

5. Imagecolorpicker.com

The way Imagecolorpicker.com works is a bit different to four tools above. You will see no palette (or whatever you call it) to pick the color from. Instead, you can upload an image to identify the contained colors. You can also paste the URL of a certain website you consider as an attractive site just to identify the color it uses. This is the tool you need if you want to cheat the color idea of certain website. In addition to hex and RGB code, you can also use this tool to check the HSV code of colors.

6. Color Picker by WebpageFX

Well, Color Picker by WebpageFX may doesn’t have a fancy look as, for instance, Paletton. But, its simple interface is enough to give you the hex code of certain colors you want to apply  to your design. The way this online color picker works is not far different to other tools above (with an exception of Imagecolorpicker.com). You will be provided a palette which you can use to pick your preferred color.

7. Html Color Codes

Html Color Codes is a website that provide a group of HTML-related tools. The online tools offered by this site include HTML editor and color picker. The color picker offered by this site is a combination between Imagecolorpicker.com and other tools above. You are allowed to upload images to identify the contained colors as well as picking the color from the available palette. This site also doesn’t have a fancy look but it’s useful enough particularly if you need a versatile tool of web development.

8. HTML Color Picker by W3schools

Everyone who has been long in the web development world must already familiar with W3schools, an online resource that offers free materials to learn web based programming languages like HTML and PHP. In addition to it, W3schools also has an online color picker to enable you picking colors and get the hexa code of them. The HTML Color Picker by W3schools is another nice tool to make your web development process be a lot easier.

9. Htmlcolorcodes.com

Htmlcolorcodes.com is another online color picker that comes with a rich enough features. The main function of this tool is basically same as other tools on this list, to help you getting the hex code of color as well as RGB code. However, like I said, this tool comes with a number of additional features that not all similar tools have. Including tutorial on how to use the hex code on website. This tool itself is presented by Dixon & Moe, A San Francisco based web design company.

10. Color Picker by Dan’s Tools

Another online color picker with uncomplicated interface and simple feature. Anytime you need an online tool to pick a color for your web design, Color Picker by Dan’s Tools deserves your try. This tool also helpful enough to get both hex code and RGBA code of color as well as HSLA.

11. Image color picker by PineTools

Last but not least. Another online color picker which you can use to select color online is the Image color picker by PineTools. Just like the name suggests, this tool will help you identifying the contained colors of a certain image and get both the hex and RGB code of them. You don’t have to upload an image to start using this tool. If you just need to get the hex code of certain color, there is a palette which you can use to select certain colors and get the stuff you want.

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