5 Online E-Book Cover Creators to Design E-Book Cover by Yourself

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5 Online E-Book Cover Creators to Design E-Book Cover by Yourself

“Don’t judge the book by its cover” they said. It’s a wise enough sentence but not entirely true. Cover is the first impression to attract people to read the book. If a book has a good cover, the possibility to have it be read is higher, however.

Writing an e-book is not just for writer. Anyone can write an e-book for any purpose. For instance, if you are a blogger you can write an e-book about your niche and offer it as a free digital item and release them using content locker to drive more traffics. If you have a limited resource, you can design the e-book cover by your self.

You don’t have to be skillful and use an expensive tool to design an e-book cover. There are low-price online tools that you can use to create a nice e-book cover. Some even available for free.

1. Canva

Canva is probably the best choice of online e-book creator. With this tool you can design a beautiful e-book cover by your self, even if you have no designer background at all. You will be presented some layouts which you can choose based on your taste and the e-book topic you are writing. All you need to do is change the title and author. There are tens layout options that you can use for free.

Canva is freemium app. You can use this tool without having to pay anything. But, if you want more layout options and more features you can also upgrade your account anytime you want. E-book cover is not the only thing you can create with Canva. You can also create more design-related things such as poster, flyer, album cover, Kindle cover and a lot more. You can download your finished design in PDF, PNG or JPG

2. My eCover Maker

My eCover Maker is also a great tool to assist you designing an e-book cover. There are some cover models which you can choose to give a good impression for your reader candidates. Same as Canva, you will also need an account to start designing a cover. The My eCover Maker interface is a bit complex. You need to learn it first before being able to use. The plus point about this tool is that you can upload your own image to be added to your cover.

Unfortunately, My eCover Maker doesn’t offer a live preview like Canva to enable you instantly get a glance look of the design you are working. You need to press the Finalize button to preview your design. And, there is no option to download your design if you stick with your free account. Yes, it sounds funny. You are allowed to create a design but not to download. Hmmm.

3. Online Ecover Creator

This tool seems use the same engine as My eCover Maker. Both of them has a similar interface and cover style options. Online Ecover Creator also allows you to create an e-book cover but require you to upgrade your free account in order to download your finished design.

4. Adazing


Adazing is great online ebook creator that you can use for free. Most importantly, it also allows you to download your finished design in both 2D and 3D. If you choose 2D option your design will be downloaded as JPG while choosing 3D will download your design in PNG.

Adazing comes with an easy-to-use interface. There are some handy menus to allow you add additional texts, adding graphics and the background. You can also allowed to upload your own images to be added to your cover. There are 5 free templates that you can apply to your design (on the time of writing).

5. Cover Creator

Cover Creator is a very simple e-book cover creator. It has no miscellaneous menus and model options like the first four mentioned above. There is no template offered by this tool. You have to stick with a single design. Fortunately, you can customize it by changing the background and the font. Nevertheless, there no bad to give this tool a try. Especially if you love something (very) simple.

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