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6 Best Online Flip Book Maker Tools

Flip book is an interactive form of e-book. Unlike other e-book formats like PDF, flip book commonly uses the technology of flash or HTML5 to deliver an interactive display. When reading a flip book we as if are reading a physical book.

You can read a flip book on any platform including desktop and web. Reading a flip book in desktop is a bit hassle since you need to install a compatible app. The different story goes to web. To read a flip book on web all you need to do is visit the page of the flip book you want to read and, yes, just read.

If you are interested with the concept of flip book and want to convert some of your PDFs into an interactive flip book, there are plenty of online tools that you can use. Here is the list.

1. Publuu

Publuu is one of the most popular and affordable flipbook makers currently available online. It allows you to convert PDFs into spectacular HTML5 online flipbooks with realistic page-flip effect, interactive elements, and straightforward embedding and sharing options. After converting PDF, you can quickly add interactive elements such as videos, photo galleries, audio files, and external links to your new digital publication. Then, you can also customize it and make it consistent with your brand, by choosing your logo and background.

Once your flipbook is ready, you can share your content via a link, or QR code. You can also easily publish it on social media, or embed it on any website as a fully visible flipbook or as a smart, clickable button. It will always look professional, as Publuu flipbooks are mobile-optimized and easily accessible from any device!

Last but not least, Publuu offers advanced statistics which allow tracking your digital flipbooks’ performance – the number of views, the time spent on each page, and the viewer’s interaction with hotspots. The first two weeks of using Publuu are free thanks to their trial plan. During that time you can use nearly all the features normally available in Premium plans.

2. Flipsnack

Flipsnack is may favorite online flip book maker. I have used this tool a couple times and really fallen in love with it. Flipsnack is pretty cool tool and extremely easy to use. Although the free version of this tool comes with a limited enough feature, but it can fulfill my need. With Flipsnack you can create an interactive e-magz or e-book. Flipsnack allows you to convert PDF or PNG into an interactive flip book. You can add also add several additional elements to your flip book like video, a button that refer to external web page, audio and so on.

As I mentioned, you can use Flipsnack for free, but with a limited capabilities. Plus, you have to see the Flipsnack logo on your flip book. You can embed your flip book to your website or share it via your social media accounts. If you upgrade your account, Flipsack also allows you to download the flip book you created.

Flipsnack itself is a HTML5-based tool. Find out how to use Flipsnack here.

3. FlippingBook

FlippingBook is also a great online flip book maker that I love to. This tool also uses the technology of HTML5 instead of flash. It has a very nice interface and easy to use as well. Not too different to Flipsnack.

Nevertheless, FlippingBook is not Flipsnack. This tool has several differences to Flipsnack. FlippingBook allows you to add a logo of your company (if you have one). You can also track how many people have read your flip book thanks to its integration with Google Analytics. Other difference, you can install FlippingBook to your website. Sadly, FlippingBook doesn’t offer a free version like Flipsnack. You you are given a 14-day trial period to try the tool.

4. AnyFlip

Same as two tools above, AnyFlip is also a great online flip book maker. AnyFlip adopts HTML5 and flash at once. When converting a PDF to flip book using this tool you will be asked if you want to use HTML5 or flash. If you choose HTML5 and the device you are using to read flip book doesn’t support HTML5, your flip book will be automatically displayed in flash. And vice versa. Same as two tools above, you can also embed your flip book to your website.

One of the interesting things about AnyFlip is that is features bookcase to allow you manage your flip books. More interestingly, you can also embed your bookcase to your website to showcase your flip book collections. Same as Flipsnack, AnyFlip also allows you adding several elements to the flip book you are creating such as video, audio and button. AnyFlip itself is a freemium tool. Free version is restricted to 30.000 daily opens. You can’t also remove the AnyFlip logo.

5. Yumpu

Yumpu is also a feature-rich online flip book maker just three tools above. You can also use this tool to turn PDF into an interactive flip book. Yumpu uses multiple technologies like AnyFlip. Apart from HTML5, this tool also uses flash and JavaScript to deliver interactive flip book. During creating the flip book you can also add such elements as video, audio and button that refer to external link. Yumpu also features a document manager to allow you manage all of the flip books you created. On the document manager you can also see how many times your flip book have been viewed.

You can use Yumpu for free, but there are several advanced features you will get if you upgrade your free account. Including Google Analytics integration.

6. FBO

FBO stands for Flip Book Online. This is a flash-based online flip book maker. FBO doesn’t offer a free version, but you are given a 7-day free trial period. There is not much you can do with FBO other than converting PDF to flip book. You can’t even add additional elements like you can do in Yumpu, AnyFlip and Flipsnack. In FBO, you can jump from one page to another within your flip book by just scrolling your mouse. No click is required.

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