4 Online Font Creators to Create Beautiful Fonts

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4 Online Font Creators to Create Beautiful Fonts

In the world of design font plays an important role. A good font will create an unforgettable impression. Coca Cola is the best example of how a font supposed to be. When applied in a logo like Coca Cola’s, font should tell the identity of the company.

You might think that creating a font require a sophisticated tool and good technique in drawing. No. Even with a simple tool you can create a beautiful and meaningful font, thanks to online font creators.

Utilizing an online tool like font creator meaning that you don’t have to install any additional software in your computer. And most importantly, you can work from anywhere as long as the device you use has a web browser installed and internet connection.

Here is the list of online font creators which you can use to create your own font.

1. Fontstruct

Fontstruct is the first website you can consider to create your own font. You will be helped by a grid background to create a font. There are some bricks available that you can use to construct the font shape you want. Bricks are available in the different shapes from circle, square, triangle, semi-circle and lots more. Fontstruct enables you to save your unfinished work online to be continued later. In Fontstruct you can also download free fonts other than creating new one by yourself.

2. FontArk


If you want to create a new font for your project but have no idea to start from zero, you can try using FontArk. Seriously, this is a great tool to start a new font. Even if you have no good enough skill in drawing you can still use this tool to work. You will be given some template options and you just need to make a little change over each letter to meet your need. This tool also gives you an opportunity to save your unfinished project and export it directly into OTF format once it has done.

FontArk won’t let you to get lost by providing a helpful short video tutorial which you can open anytime you need.

3. Glyphr Studio

If you frequently work with font chances are you have heard about this tool. Glyphr Studio is a famous tool to create a professional font. It’s available in both desktop and web, comes with abundant features like Test Drive, Ligatures, Kerning and lots more. Glyphr Studio is a bit similar to Fontstruct where you have to start everything from zero. It’s a great tool if you want to create an entirely new font. This tool also enable you save your unfinished projects and export them into OTF or SVG format before exported into common font format like TTF.

4. Prototypo

Prototypo is a bit similar to FontArk where you don’t have to start from zero to create a new font. There are some font family templates which you can choose from and you will be given a window to start applying some changes over each letter. You can also directly export your font into OTF format but pro version is required to do this.

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