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10 Online GIF Makers That You Can Use for Free

Animated GIF is one of the most popular multimedia contents you can find on the internet. If you have been long on Tumblr, chances are you are a collector of this kind of content since this blogging platform is well-known as the repository of funny GIFs. By the way, did you ever thought of creating an animated GIF by yourself?.

Creating an animated GIF has never as hard as you thought. You can create a funny GIF even if you have no good skill in image editing. Also, you don’t need to have a sophisticated software installed on your computer, thanks to online GIF makers for making everything easier.

All you need to do is, nothing more nothing less, just preparing some funny images or trimmed videos and turn them into a fun GIF. Have no idea about the tool? Here are the best online GIF makers that you can use for free.

1. Giphy

Giphy should be on the first list when you are talking about GIF. This is (I guess) the best online resource for animated GIFs from any genre. Some big websites and social networks which offer GIF on their services rely on Giphy as the the source, including Twitter. In Giphy you can also be a GIF maker, instead just an enjoyer since the site also lets its users to submit something fun and turn it into animated GIF.

Giphy focuses on converting videos to GIF instead of images. How you can create an animated GIF in Giphy? Quite easy. All you need to do is pasting the the URL of the video you want to convert and Giphy will do the rest. You can paste URL of a video from YouTube and Vine. Alternatively, you can also upload your own video from your computer. To make your GIF more discoverable you can also add some tags on your GIF.

2. Make A GIF

The front page of Make A GIF site tells everything you can do regarding the making of GIF. Without needing to login you can immediately create something you want by pasting a YouTube URL or uploading your images from computer. YouTube is not the only video sharing service you can turn its videos to GIF. You can also paste the video URL from other services such as Vine, Vimeo, Daily Motion, LiveLeak, Facebook to Instagram. If you confident enough, you can also make a narcissist video using webcam and turn it directly to an animated GIF using via Make A GIF.

3. Imgur

Most internet users might know Imgur as a free image hosting service. Not wrong because this site can hold your abundant images in one place. But, Imgur also has a GIF maker feature to enable you create your own GIF. Like other services in the list, Imgur GIF maker also provide an URL box to make it easy in converting video to an animated GIF. You don’t have to convert the entire video to an animated GIF since it can make your GIF looks weird instead of funny. Imgur GIF maker lets you picking only a certain part to be converted into a GIF.

4. GIFsoup

Instead of offering multiple source, GIFsoup focuses on YouTube. So, if you want to use this site to convert your video to an animated GIF you have to make the video available on YouTube first. Or, you can also look for interesting videos on YouTube and copy the URL of the video that you want to convert. Sorry to say, but using GIFsoup to convert video into an animated GIF is a bit hassle since it requires you to login to start converting. If you have no problem with this, then giving GIFsoup a try isn’t a fault.


If you frequently work with animated GIFs, EZGIF is probably the site you are looking for all this time. EZGIF is an online GIF maker and editor. EZGIF isn’t limited to video. You can also turn multiple images into a single file of GIF.

Creating an animated GIF in EZGIF is also completely easy. You can either paste a video URL from YouTube and other video sharing platforms or upload from your computer. EZGIF also makes it possible to edit an animated GIF.

6. Imgflip

Another online GIF maker that you can use to create and animated GIF without any hassle is Imgflip. At the front page of this site you are going to see some funny GIFs and memes made by the users. To start creating an animated GIF you can press the Create button. This site gives you two options to create GIF: from URL and from your computer. Apart from video, you can also create a GIF from multiple images.

7. GIFmaker.me

Just like the name suggests, GIFmaker.me has a main purpose to help you create an animated GIF online from your web browser. Unlike other services mentioned above, GIFmaker.me only lets you to convert images to GIF, at least until today. The plus point from this app is that it enables you to set the animation speed. Since the site doesn’t require you to login, there is no bad to give it a try due to its simplicity.

8. GIFCreator

GIFCreator is pretty similar to GIFmaker.me which enable you to make an animated GIF from images only. No videos. Major images formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD or BM are supported by this site. You are also allowed to set the animation speed of the GIF you are going to make.

9. GIF Make

GIF Make is another simple tool to help you turn multiple images with the same subject into an animated GIF. This site also limited to image only without enabling you to convert any video. But, who knows the feature will be added soon. GIF Make allows you to make a custom size of your upcoming GIF. The maximum number of images you can add for a GIF is 50.

10. Picasion

Last but not least. Picasion is anther online GIF maker that will help you to turn some images into a single file of GIF. Picasion only lets you to add 10 images with each file sized 5MB. You can either upload images from your computer or paste the URLs from Flickr. You can also set the custom size and animation speed of your GIF with this site. Not bad if you are looking for a simple tool to turn your funny images into an animated GIF.


11. GIF Maker

GIF Maker is a free tool to make GIFs from both images and youtube videos. It is very intuitive to use, all you have to do is upload your images or enter the YouTube video URL from which you want to make GIFs. For youtube to GIF function, you can select your video start point and then select the GIF duration. The cool thing is that your GIF is previewed in real time while you adjust the settings.

For images to GIFs, you can select frame rate (GIF speed) as well as your GIF width and background color (optional). You can also compress or resize GIFs using their tools. After making the GIF, it will be hosted so you can easily share it on social media or other sites.

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