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7 Reliable Online HTML Editors You Can Use for Free

There will be a situation where you need a tool like an online HTML editor. Probably, you are a webmaster who has to fix some problems with your website while, on the other hand, you are not using a computer you usually use on your daily basis.

Taking advantage of online HTML editor is the instant solution (and probably the best) in a circumstance like above as you don’t need to be a hassle by installing a new app on the computer you are using.

An online HTML editor is basically not far different to desktop-based one like, for instance, Dreamweaver which helps you in formatting the HTML file you are working on. Here are 7 of the best online HTML editors you can use for free.

1. Html-online.com

If you are not a member of html-online.com be sure to not accessing the website on Friday unless you don’t mind to get disappointed. In Friday, the online HTML editor will only be open for its paid member.

Html-online.com itself is a great online HTML editor. It comes with a WYSIWYG interface so you will get any serious problem in using it. Its interface is pretty similar to word processor with a menu bar on the top the worksheet complete with a toolbar right below the menu which you can use to format your HTML document. This online HTML editor features a double-panel interface. The left panel to write your document while the right panel for previewing the text you are writing.

2. Onlinehtmleditor.net

Onlinehtmleditor.net is a very simple online HTML editor. You can also use this online tool to either edit or create an HTML document. Unlike Html-online.com, you can use this tool 7 days a week. No account is required so you can immediately use it without any hassle. This tool also features a toolbar which you can use to format your HTML document.

You will also see a splited worksheet in Onlinehtmleditor.net but, instead of sidewise, your worksheet is divided horizontally. Your editing space is located at the top of the worksheet while the down one is used for previewing your document.

3. Html5-editor.net

Html5-editor.net was designed to help you creating contents for your web needs. For instance, if you are a web developer/designer who needs a default content for a certain page, you can use the built-in Lorem ipsum generator. You can find that Lorem ipsum generator at the bottom of your worksheet. In the same row with the generator you will also find a color picker to generate the hex code of your preferred color.

Html5-editor.net is a fully free online HTML editor. You can use this tool with no time restriction like Html-online.com. This tool also features a double-panel interface with a toolbar to help you format your document by easier.

4. Online HTML editor by Quackit.com

Unlike three tools mentioned earlier before which all have a double-panel interface, you will only see a single panel on the worksheet of online HTML editor by Quackit.com. You can use this panel to write your HTML document as well as formatting it. As you can see, there is a toolbar which you can use to make everything easier regarding the HTML formatting. Once you done writing the document and ready to see the code, just click the Source button that is located at the right most in the toolbar. The online HTML editor by Quackit.com is also free to use with no account required.

5. Htmledit.squarefree.com

Htmledit.squarefree.com is quite similar to Onlinehtmleditor.net where you will see a worksheet divided into two parts horizontally. The above side is the text area where you can write your document while the down one is used to preview your document. This online HTML editor is tend to match for a HTML master since there is no toolbar offered. So, you need to remember all of the formatting syntax of HTML to format you document.

6. Bestonlinehtmleditor.com

Like the name suggests, this tool claims itself as the best online HTML editor. Is that true? Relative enough. But, if you need a WYSIWYG online editor with a complete toolbar the claim is probably not wrong. Bestonlinehtmleditor.com features a toolbar consisting of plenty of options to format your documents. The toolbar also contains such tools as a button maker, checkbox maker, field maker, and lots more.

Bestonlinehtmleditor.com tend to similar to online HTML editor from Quackit.com in terms of interface. You will be provided a WYSIWYG editor with a single panel to write your document. There is a Source button at the top-left corner of the editor to see the source code of the HTML document you are writing.

7. Online HTML editor by Html.am

Html.am is one of the great online resources for those who just get started to learn HTML. Sure, master HTML can also take advantage of this resource. The resource also provides an online HTML editor to enable you both edit and create HTML document directly from web browser. The interface of online HTML editor by Html.am is pretty similar to Bestonlinehtmleditor.com where you will be provided a feature-rich WYSIWYG editor. Or they both probably use the same engine on their HTML editor? Maybe.

To be clear, the online HTML editor by Html.am will ease your job in editing HTML document. At the top-left corner of the editor you will a Source button which you can use to see the source code of the HTML document you are working on.

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