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14 Online Logo Makers to Create Beautiful Logo in Minutes

Can you guess why big companies tend to rarely change their logos?. Because logo is the identity. Logo is the first thing to notice if you want to start a business and build a brand for your business. However, you don’t have to spend too much dollars for a logo if you just want to run a small scaled business.

You can even create a beautiful, meaningful logo by yourself even if your drawing skill is poor thanks to Logofury and other logo creator tools we will mention shortly below. Of course, the result might a bit different to logos that are created using regular drawing tool. Moreover, ones that are created by professionals. But, we can guarantee that online logo makers are more than enough to create a simpler logo for — for instance — a website.

Of course, you can also use your logo for other needs apart from website. From business proposals, newsletter headers, merchandise, and so on.

Here is the list of online logo makers that you can pick to create a beautiful logo by yourself. As the article’s title mentioned, you can create a beautiful logo in minutes using the following tools.

1. LogoMyWay

LogoMyWay is simple to use and has hundreds of logos to choose from. Once you find the logo you like best, then it’s time to start customizing your design. You can edit the colors, text, font and anything else you would like changed. Once you design your logo you can instantly download the high resolution files and you’re ready to.

2. Logo.com

Logo.com generates hundreds of logos for you to use with just a few clicks. They use their machine learning system to read your business name, and slogan if you have one, and generate logos specifically tailored to your business and industry. Logo.com is powered by their Logo.com Design API which enables users to create beautiful, scalable graphics for their business in under a minute. Generate custom design options from their logo maker and find the perfect logo design for your business.

There is no need for you to be a designer, their logo maker does all the work like choose matching fonts, a great color palette, and scalable icon that will match your business. Unlike other logo makers that force you to use an editor, with Logo.com purchase a machine learning matched logo for your business right away.

Each logo from Logo.com comes with their Premium Logo Package which means that with every logo you get a complete branding kit to setup your brand identity, with images and sizes for all your social media branding, a favicon for your website, vector images for print media, and much more. You’ll be able to use your logo wherever your business needs it. You can order custom business cards or t-shirts with the vector images or just use it on your website

3. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a leading logo maker. They were the first to use AI as part of the logo design process. With Tailor Brands, you enter the name of your business and input some information about your business. You then select some font preferences and hit the create button – the Tailor Brands engine will then return multiple logo designs from you to choose from.

After you pick a logo, you can edit the fonts, and colors to get the final design just how you want it.

In addition to a logo, Tailor Brands offers business cards, brand books watermark tools and social media tools.

4. Online Logo Maker

Its name described it all. Online Logo Maker is the first tool you can use to create your logo online. This tool is really great and can even be used for creating a professional logo (you might want to upgrade your account to do this). The font options offered by this tools are unique so don’t worry about duplication. If you can’t finish you logo in minutes or hours you can save it to be done later. You can use this tool for free but it’s highly recommended to upgrade your account since free account is very limited. Your logo will be saved in a lower resolution and smaller number of DPI.

5. Free Logo Services

Firstly, you will be prompted to choose some of available templates to start your logo then you will be directed to the editor page where you can going further with your logo by changing font and color, adjusting the position etc. Free Logo Services also has rich of font options to lessen the risk of duplication. You can try this tool for free but sign up is required in order to enable you saving your unfinished logo.

6. DesignMantic

The way DesignMantic works is pretty similar to Free Logo Services where you will firstly prompted to type your company name. DesignMantic will then offers you some design options based on your business category before directing you to the working canvas to add additional touches and adjusting some details. DesignMantic is also great in terms of font.

Logo is not the only thing you can do with DesignMantic. When you press the Continue button at the bottom-right corner of the canvas you will be directed to the page where you can choose some business card designs. DesignMantic requires you sign up to download your logo.

7. Canva

We have mentioned Canva several times in our previous articles. It’s one of the best online resources for creative people to work with design-related stuffs. One of things you can do with Canva is creating a logo. Canva has dozens of free logo designs that you can pick from the left sidebar.

Canva is a great tool but you might need to upgrade your free account to get the most of it. Free account of Canva only allows you to download a 500×500 sized logo with no transparent background.

8. LogoMaker

LogoMaker seems uses the same engine as Free Logo Services. There is no different in user interface between both. LogoMaker also asks you to pick some available design before taking you to the working canvas that has the same interface as Free Logo Services’s. There have been around 3,594,659 small businesses which use service from LogoMaker.

9. Logojoy

Logojoy gives not much options but it doesn’t mean that Logojoy has a lack quality. Once entered your business name Logojoy will gives some previews of what your logo will looks like. Your logo will be previewed in some mediums like box, smartphone, business card, proposal etc. Logojoy is a fully paid tool. You have to choose a plan before being able to download the logo you have created.

10. Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design is another great and feature-reach online logo maker. Just like other tools in the list, you will be asked to insert your business name and category before given some template options. After picking a certain design you will be brought to an intuitive working canvas to enable you adding more elements over your logo. Free Logo Design allows you to download your logo for free but with lower number of pixels (200×200). You need to pay for $39 to download higher resolution of your logo. If you just want to create a logo for website or blog, the free option is not too bad I guess.

11. Free Logo Maker

There is no logo template offered by Free Logo Maker. This will give you a freedom to determine the shape of logo you want to create. If you need a certain shape like triangle, circle or square you can get it from the tool available on the left side of your working canvas. Free Logo Maker also has a rich enough font options. They are grouped in some categories from 3D, decorative, handwriting and lots more. Free Logo Maker also allows you to download your logo for free but with a lower quality. You need to pay for $19 to download higher resolution of your logo.

12. Shopify

Shopify is more known as an e-commerce company. Only few people know that this e-commerce platform also has an online tool that enable users create a logo. Shopify’s online logo maker is a bit similar to Free Logo Maker. No logo template is offerred. The font options are also limited enough but if you want a simple tool to create a logo online then there is no bad to give Shopify’s online logo maker a try.

13. GraphicSprings

Last but not least, GraphicSprings is also a great tool to create a logo online. You will be given an intuitive canvas to work. Apart from text, you can also add other elements on your logo like graphics and shapes. One of interesting things from GraphicSprings that not all similar tools have is that you can add some effects over your font like shadow and glow. The only downside about GraphicSprings is that you have to pay before being able to download the stuff you have created.

14. Renderforest

Renderforest is an online free logo making and branding tool. With its help you can create a high quality logo in less than 2 minutes. There are more than 20.000 unique artwork files available on the platform. All you need to do it write your the name and a brief description, and the Artificial Intelligence algorithms will instantly start working for you to generate the best logo for you. You also have the change to edit and customize the font, color palette, sizes etc.. Renderforest is about simplicity. It’s purpose to help you create the make a great design and a stunning brand logo for your business with ease by saving much of your time.


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