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7 Reliable Online PDF Editors You Can Use for Free

Unlike other document formats, say DOCX or ODT which basically raw formats, a PDF formatted file is created for a final use and not to to edit. However, if you have to do it (editing PDF file), there is some tools you can use to. Including the ones that are available on the internet.

Taking advantage of online tool like PDF editor gives you so many advantages. The most prominent one is that you don’t have to overwhelm your computer with too many apps you don’t even frequently use them.

An online PDF editor works by turning your PDF files into a raw files. Well, not fully raw since most online PDF editors only enable you to add additional elements to your PDF files like additional texts, image to hand write.

Here is the list of online PDF editor tools which you can use to edit your PDF files.

1. Sejda

Without any intention of underestimating other tools, Sejda is probably the best online PDF editor. This tool will truly turn your PDF files into a raw file where you can do nearly everything regarding the PDF editing. From replacing the texts, adding new texts, inserting images and signature, give some annotations, covering certain text with a whiteout and lots more.

Sejda itself is an online tool that helps you do some PDF-related tasks. Apart from editing (as mentioned in the paragraph above) you can you also do such other tasks to your PDF files as extracting PDF, splitting, merging, cropping and many other more. At the time of writing you don’t have to create any account to start editing PDF.

2. PDFescape

PDFescape is also a great tool you can use to edit your PDF files. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to replace the existing texts with the new ones directly like you can do with Sejda. But, you can outsmart it by blocking a certain text you want to replace with a whiteout and add new text over it. Yes, inserting new texts is one of the capabilities of PDFescape as well as other tasks including inserting images or link, adding hand write for signature, annotate and more.

This online PDF editor also doesn’t require you to create an account to use its service but, there are several benefits you will get if you create an account. Including the ability to share your edited PDF directly online.

3. PDF Pro

Same as PDFescape, PDF Pro also unable to directly replace the existing texts with the new ones.  If you want to do it you need to erase the text you want to replace using its whiteout feature and typing the new text on it. One of the appeal things of PDF Pro is that it comes with a handy file manager which allows you to access the PDF files you have edited before. You will also be able to share your edited PDFs via email but, an account is required before being able to dot this. There is also an option to directly print your PDF.

The overall features of this online PDF editors are quite similar to two previous PDF editors which enable you to add such elements as drawings, signature, images, and lots more.

4. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is a bit similar to Sejda. They both provide several tools to enable you do some PDF-related tasks, including editing. The different is, Smallpdf has a fewer features than Sejda. This online PDF editor doesn’t turn your PDF files into a raw file so you can’t replace the existing texts directly. There is even no whiteout feature. Fortunately, there is an “add shape” feature with the color you can customize so you can cover a certain text with a white block and add new text over it.

Smallpdf has a very clean interface which is very nice look. Other appeal thing about this online PDF editor is that you can import existing PDF files you have on either your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

5. PDFzorro

PDFzorro is another option of online PDF editor you can use if you need to editor your PDF files. There is no really unique feature of this tool. It has common features like previous tools. With this tool you can do such things as adding lines, highlight specific text, adding rectangle shape to erase certain text. The last mentioned is useful if you need to replace certain text in your PDF file since you won’t be able to directly delete existing texts like you can do with Sejda. PDFzorro also doesn’t require you to have an account so you can immediately use this tool without bothering to create an account.

6. PDF2Go

There are some similarities between PDF2Go and Smallpdf. They both have a colorful interface in the front page of their website. They also provide several tools you can use to do such things as edit the content of your PDF files, merging two or more PDF files, compressing, converting and lots more. The overall features of this online PDF editors are not far different to other tools in this list. The downside of this tool is that its editor interface looks too small. Plus, you also need to click manually each of the page you want to edit.

The good side is, PDF2Go has supported cloud storage so you can import your existing PDF files on both Dropbox and Google Drive. You can also load PDF files from URLs.

7. FormSwift

Instead of offering too many features, FormSwift has only four basic menus consisting of Text, Erase, Image and Signature. Without no long explanation you have known what to do with those menus. If your purpose of editing PDF file is to fix some typos you can take advantage of the Erase menu to erase certain text and replace it with the right typing. FormSwift also makes it possible if you want to send the edited PDF directly via email. But, you need to create an account to do it.

There are actually several other online PDF editor tools available on the internet wilderness but, the 7 tools above are the most reliable ones. If you have more items just add them in the comment section below.

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