14 Best Online Task Manager Tools to Manage Your Tasks

Everyday, we have so many tasks to do. Creating a list of them can make you stay on the path and never miss any task you supposed to do. Today, there are plenty of online task manager tools which you can use to manage tasks, whether your personal tasks or tasks of your subordinates.

Adopting an online task manager is a great decision in the internet era like today. Not only you can create a list of tasks to do but also add supporting materials like notes or images. Most online task managers also allows you to set the due date of each task as well as set reminders. Furthermore, they commonly also offer a mobile app to allow you accessing your tasks from anywhere via smartphone.

Whether you are a project manager or freelancer and is looking for an online task manager to manage tasks, here are 14 of the best online task managers you can try and consider.

1. Trello

For every project manager out there, Trello is probably not too strange name. This tool has been adopted by numerous project managers and freelancers to manage their tasks, including we are here at Bettertechtips.com. Trello allows you to create tasks and add such things as lists, link attachments, and lots more. You can also set a due date of each task to ensure they get done on time. For project managers, you can also assign certain tasks to your subordinates. One of the reasons why Trello became a popular task manager (and project manager generally) is because it can be integrated with numerous of online services and tools.

2. Asana

Asana tends to ideal to be adopted by project managers with several subordinates although there is no sin to use it for personal purpose. Creating a project is required before adding tasks in Asana. Just like Trello, you can also assign a task to your team members by entering their email addresses. You can also add such thing as due date, file attachments, and lots more. To make the tasks be more organized, you can also add tags to filter them. The appeal thing of Asana is that you can add subtasks within certain a task. Each subtask can have a different due date and assignees. Asana can also be integrated with several online services and tools like Trello.

3. Pintask

Same as two tools above, Pintask is also a cool online task manager that you can use whether for personal use or for team. Compared to Asana and Trello, Pintask might be less popular. Whereas, the whole features and capabilities of this tool is basically not far different. The downside of Pintask is probably it hasn’t had much integration supports like Asana and Trello.

If you have been a Trello user before and want to switch to Pintask, you can import your Trello data so you don’t have to start over. Pintask features an extensions store to allow you find and install additional extensions to enhance the functionality of Pintask.

4. Easynote

Whether you are looking for an online task manager for personal use or for your team, Easynote is a worth-trying item. Easynote is not the best option if integration is what you expect the most from an online task manager. But, if you are looking for an easy-to-use tool, just like the name suggests, Easynote is a great stuff. Before adding tasks you need to create a project first — or called todo list in Easynote. You can easily mark the tasks as ongoing or completed. If you use this tool for a teamwork you can also easily set who has to take the responsibility for certain tasks.

Same as tools above, Easynote also allows you to set a deadline of certain task. This tool also has an option to set the urgency levels of the tasks. Other interesting option is task dependency.

5. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is a close competitor of Asana and Trello. This online task manager is also designed for a teamwork instead of personal use. MeisterTask can be great gear for project managers to manage the tasks of their team. You, the project manager, can easily create projects with MeisterTask and add as many tasks as you want. Assigning tasks is also extremely easy. You and your team members can also mark the tasks as “completed” for every completed tasks.

MeisterTask is bit similar to Trello in some ways. You are also allowed to add the checklist items on each task as well as file attachments — which you can import from Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. To ensure the tasks get done on time, you can also set the due date to each of them. If you marked a certain as a “completed”, you will see the estimate of how long you get it done. By the way, the dashboard of MeisterTask features a nice background complete with inspiring quotes. Similar to Momentum Dash.

6. Hitask

Hitask is another online task manager that is aimed at project managers to ease their job in managing the tasks for their team. Unlike tools above that offer free version, Hitask is a fully paid tool and you are given a 10-day trial period to try it out. As a paid tool, of course Hitask comes with a complex features and capabilities. All of the features you expect from an online task manager are provided by Hitask. Including the ability to assign tasks, set the due dates, set the priority and so on. Hitask also allows you to generate reports of your team performances.

7. Todo Cloud

Another online task manager that you can use for free. Todo Cloud comes with a very easy-to-use user interface. You can create a new task immediately on the main dashboard of this tool. Each task has a radio button which you can check every time you get a task done. Same as all tools above, you can also set a due date of each task as well as other options such as reminder, note and priority. At the time of writing Todo Cloud doesn’t allow you to attach files. This task manager tends to ideal for personal use.

8. Todoist

Todoist also has an easy-to-use interface where you can immediately add new tasks on the main dashboard. Todoist also makes it possible if you want to have subtasks within a task. Furthermore, you can also create projects and put some tasks on it. The downside of Todoist is its free version comes with lacks of capabilities. For example, you are not allowed to add comments on a task. Free version also doesn’t allow you to attach any file. Fortunately, basic features like reminders are available for all versions, free and paid. Todoist comes with a number of keyboard shortcuts. You can use Todoist whether for personal use of teamwork.

9. Wrike

Wrike is another task manager that is aimed at project managers. However, freelancers can also use this tool. Wrike is absolutely a great tool, but there is one thing I dislike. You are required to enter your phone number during the registration process. This is the only tool in this list who do that thing. Shouldn’t the email address be enough?. Most tools above even allows you to make a registration via social media account.

10. Taskque

Taskque is another great online task manager that you can use for free, whether for personal use or teamwork with small number of team members. In Taskque you can create a project and add a number of tasks to do on that project. For project managers, you can assign certain tasks to your team members by simply typing their email addresses. Same as most tools above, you can also set the due date of each task as well as adding files and comments. You don’t need to upgrade your account to do these (adding files and comments). Furthermore, Taskque also comes with a Discussion and Insight features.

11. Producteev

Producteev can also be a great gear for project managers who need to manage their team tasks. You can take advantage of Producteev to create tasks and assign them to your team members as well as your self. Before adding a task you also need to create a project. When adding a task you can set the due date to ensure it will get done on time. This tool also allows you to create subtasks within a task. A radio button on the left side of each task can be used to mark the completed task easily. Producteev also allows you to attach files, whether from local storage or online storage services (Dropbox and Box).

12. Flow

Flow has one thing in common to Hitask. This is also a fully paid online task manager that is aimed at project managers or anyone who responsible to manage project. You are given a 30-day trial period to try this tool out. If you want to continue using it you need to upgrade your account. No choice. Overall, the features and capabilities of Flow are not far different to other tools on this list. You can also add tasks and assign them to your team.

13. Task Pigeon

Task Pigeon is a freemium online task manager that you can manage tasks. This tool is aimed at project managers although you can also use if for personal use. In Task Pigeon, setting a deadline is mandatory. You are faced with 4 options of deadline periods. From today, ASAP, Ongoing and custom. To make your tasks be more organized you can take advantage of the category feature offered by this tool. Just like other tools above, attaching files — whether from local storage or cloud storage — is also allowed, without having to upgrade your account. You can also add a note to make it clear what is the task about.

14. Taskworld

Another fully paid online task manager like Flow and Hitask. You have a 15-day trial period to try Taskworld out. According to an introduction on its website, this tool is used by big companies like Samsung, Amazon, Salesforce to Netflix. So, if you are working at a big company like those ones and responsible of managing tasks of some subordinates, Taskworld is probably the stuff you are looking for. The overall features and capabilities of this task manager are not much different to all tools on this list. All of the features and capabilities you expect from a task manager are provided by Taskworld.

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