6 of The Best Online Text Editors to Work With Plain Text

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6 of The Best Online Text Editors to Work With Plain Text

For a or two reasons people prefer using online services, including text editor. The most common reason why people prefer to use online services like text editor is the flexibility.

We have covered some online text editors in the previous posts, including online HTML editors and online Markdown editors. But they mostly come with a complex enough features tailored on what they are intended to. For instance, most online HTML editors feature a WYSIWYG editor complete with a formatting toolbar.

If your intention of utilizing online text editor is to work with plain text then you need an editor that comes with a fewer features and simpler interface. Don’t you?

So, here are some of the simple online text editors you can use to work with plain text.

1. Edit Pad

Edit Pad is one of the simplest online text editor. It comes with a very simple interface similar to Notepad. The only difference, this online text editor comes in a brown background instead of white. You will see no menu button. All you will see after visiting the site of Edit Pad is a default welcome text. Just replace that default text to start writing your text. There is a Download button at the bottom left of the worksheet to enable you save your text on your machine.

2. collabedit

Not as simple as Edit Pad but, collabedit is also simple enough to handle plain text document. Well, this tool is basically not specifically built for handling plain text. You can also use this tool to write such programming languages as C, Java, Python, PHP and lots more. And of course, there is also an option if you want to write plain text document.

Collabedit was intended to help you work collaboratively with your team on a certain project. You can invite other collaborator to join on the plain text you are working on. There is also a chat box to ease your communication. This online editor also allows you download the document you are working in a TXT format.

3. Firepad

Compared to two online text editors mentioned earlier above Firepad has a more complex features with its WYSIWYG interface. But still, it’s simple enough and great option if you need an online editor to work with plain text. This online text editor will be an ideal choice to edit programming code when you are not working with the computer you usually use in your daily basis.

4. myTextarea

myTextarea is an extremely simple online text editor. Its interface is quite similar to Edit Pad but comes in traditional white background instead of brown, making it the best online alternative to Notepad. Michel Kusters, the creator of this editor intended myTextarea to be a online editor to remove markup from text. Although its interface is very simple but this tool has been equipped with word and character counter.

5. Writebox

Writebox is not purely built to handle plain text. Instead, you can also use this online text editor to write either Markdown or HTML documents by adding formatting syntax of both. However, Writebox is also a nice choice to work with plain text. There is an option to save your document in a plain text format (with the extension of .TXT).

Compared to four online text editors above Writebox has the richest feature. Apart from giving you opportunity to download the document you are working, Writebox also allows you to store your document to Dropbox and Google Drive. This online text editor also features a built-in storage.

6. Online notepad

Its name have told it all. Online notepad is one of the simple online text editors that is great to work with plain text. There is no miscellaneous feature offered by this tool. Online notepad tend to ideal to edit programming code since it has no option to download your document individually. Every time you create a new document and press the Save button your document will be stored in the built-in storage of the editor and you can only download all of the documents you have created collectively as a backup file.

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