5 Simple Online To-Do List Tools To Help You Stay on Track

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5 Simple Online To-Do List Tools To Help You Stay on Track

With so many tasks to do today, creating a list of them will help you stay on track. Before the digital culture, people used to write what they had to do today on a paper to ensure there was nothing left. But today, that old method has been abandoned.

An online to-do list tool is better replacement to traditional to-do list paper to manage your today’s tasks. You can easily create new lists or edit the existing ones and access them from any device since most online to-do list tools also provide mobile app which you can access through smartphone.

Most online project management tools come with a to-do list creator. But sometimes, an online project management tool can be too complex if you just need to create a list for today’s tasks. If you need a simple online to-do list tool with minimal features, here are items you can try.

1. Any.do

Any.do has similarity to Wunderlist in some ways. This is also an online to-do list tool with the focus to help you creating a list of your today’s tasks. It also comes with a pretty simple interface that is very easy to use. The features offered by this tool are also not too complex. Same as Wunderlist, you can also take advantage of Any.do whether as for personal use or for a team use since Any.do also allows you to invite members to join your tasks. In Any.do you can create subtasks within a certain task (item on your list). You can also set reminder, adding notes and file attachments as well.

To mark the finished tasks, you can hover your most over certain task within your list. A blue tiny circle containing checklist icon will appear. Just click on it to archive the finished tasks. Currently, Any.do hasn’t had no feature to manage your lists like Wunderlist do. In addition to web, Any.do is also available for Android and iPhone. While you can use this tool for free, premium version is also available.

2. Todoist

Todoist has richer features than two first online to-do list tools above. But, it still simple enough compared to project management tools like, for instance, Asana and Trello. You can create projects in Todoist but it’s not requried. If you just want to create today’s to-do list, just click the “+” button at the menu bar and it will be automatically put on today’s tasks list. Each item (task) within your lists has a radio button whereby you can check it every time you get a task done.

Same as Wunderlist and Any.do, you can also set reminder of when you have to finish certain task. Furthermore, you can also set the priority level of each task. Free version of Todoist doesn’t allow you to add note or attaching files. If you often work with email, Todoist also has a capability to turn your Gmail and Outlook inboxes into a task. Todoist is available for web, Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, Apple Watch and Android Wear.

3. TickTick

TickTick is also a simple online to-do list tool that you can use for free, although you have to work with a tight enough restriction. For instance, you only allowed to create 9 lists with each list should contains less than 100 tasks. Free account also only allows you to add 1 file attachment per day. But outside of its restriction, TickTick is a great tool. Particularly if flexibility is something you consider the most when choosing a to-do list tool. TickTick is available for nearly all platform (except Linux). In addition to web, TickTick is available for Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Chromebook, Android Wear to Apple Watch. There are also browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox.

One of the appeal features of TickTick is Statistics that allows you to monitor your performance as well as your team.

4. Todo Cloud

Just like the name suggests, Todo Cloud is an online tool that allows you to create to-do lists and put them on the cloud. If you expect a very simple online to-do list tool to create today’s tasks list this tool is probably not the best option. Instead, Todo Cloud is a nice tool if you are looking for an online project management tool with a simpler features and interface. There are 3 main items you can create with Todo Cloud. They are project, checklist, task.

The overall features and capabilities of Todo Cloud are not far different to other tools on this list. This tool also allows you to add reminder on each item within you lists as well as adding notes and setting the priority. At the time of writing, Todo Cloud is only available for iPhone (other than web). The app for Android, Mac and Windows is being developed.

5. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is another cool, simple online to-do list tool to make your tasks be more organized. This tool also comes with an easy-to-use interface and doesn’t offer much features. This tool allows you to easily add new tasks to do today or tomorrow. To ensure you get everything done, you can also add reminders to all items you added. Additionally, you can also add notes to describe each item. Remember The Milk can be integrated with online services like Gmail, Google Calendar, Evernote to Twitter.

Remember The Milk is also a great choice if flexibility is something that become your concern. This tool is available for major platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire to Apple Watch.

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