4 Great Resources to Create an Attractive YouTube Thumbnail Online

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4 Great Resources to Create an Attractive YouTube Thumbnail Online

Thumbnail is the first thing to notice other than video itself for a successful YouTube campaign. It’s like a book cover. If your thumbnail is attracting people will be curious to see your video. Thankfully, YouTube allows you to set a custom thumbnail from your own image so you can create as attractive as possible one.

What if you have no good skill in drawing? Don’t worry. There are some online tools that can be your savior. Unlike regular image drawing tools, online YouTube thumbnail makers commonly come with ready-to-use templates. So, you can also save your time other than creating an attractive thumbnail since you don’t have to start from the start.

Below are the top 4 resources that allow you to create an attractive YouTube thumbnail online.

1. Adobe Spark

Adobe has a very good reputation when it comes to image-related application. Everyone must have known Photoshop ad Lightroom, two of prominent Adobe’s products. But, have you heard about Adobe Spark?.

Adobe Spark is another useful product brought to you by Adobe. You can use this tool to create stuffs that involve images such as flyer, poster, social media post and lots more. And, most importantly, you can also use Adobe Spark to create an attractive YouTube thumbnail, for free. It has tens of free attractive templates which you can choose from. All you need to do is replace the title to suit your need. You can also add additional images.

2. Canva

Same as Adobe Spark. Canva is also an online tool to assist you creating image-related stuffs like flyer, poster, social media post to e-book cover. Canva comes with an intuitive and attractive interface and it’s really easy to use. This tool also has tens collections of templates, some free some paid. What makes Canva different to Adobe Spark is that Canva has a menu to enable you add more elements such as lines, free shapes, illustrations and more. Once you done creating a thumbnail you can download your work in JPG or PNG.

3. Fotojet

Fotojet’s interface is pretty similar to Canva’s. With this tool you can also create an attractive YouTube thumbnail for your video. It also comes with tens options of free templates. All templates are grouped into some categories from sport, travel, landscape, music and lots more.

In Fotojet you can also download your final image into JPG or PNG. Your image will be 1280 x 720 px in resolution. It’s the resolution suggested by YouTube. You need to upgrade your account to premium in order to remove ads banner in Fotojet. If you have no problem about that, there is no compulsion to upgrade.

4. Bannersnack

Last but not least. Bannersnack is known as a tool to create social media banner whether for regular post or ads. But, you can also use this tool to create an attractive YouTube thumbnail since Bannersnack also has an option to do that. Like other tools on this list, Bannersnack also comes with an easy-to-use interface and tens of free templates. Your final image can also be download in JPG and PNG format with the resolution of 1280 x 720 px.

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