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5 Tools to Open VSDX Files Online

VSDX is a default file format of Microsoft Visio so you logically need to install Microsoft Visio on your computer to open it. Apparently, you don’t have to. There are some diagramming tools that have a compatibility with VSDX files, including web-based ones.

Creately is one of the examples of diagramming tools that you can use to open a VSDX file online. An online diagramming tool is the best solution if you, for a certain reason, have to open a VSDX online, while you have no Microsoft Visio installed. Or probably you are a Linux user?

Not all tools are free to use, but they commonly offer a trial version so you keep be able to open your VSDX files without spending a dime. I have tested all of the following tools using the same VSDX file. So, here are the tools.

1. Creately

The first tool you can use to open a VSDX file online is Creately. It’s a freemium tool with the free version is allowed to create 5 public diagrams. You can also use it as an online collaboration tool. While you can use this tool for free, I don’t suggest you to stick to free account if creating diagram is become your main work. To open a VSDX file, create a new diagram and click the Import button at the menu bar. There is an “Import Visio File” option when you click the button.

2. SmartDraw Cloud

SmartDraw is basically a desktop-based diagramming tool, but it also offers an online version. One thing. This tool doesn’t offer a free version at all so you have to spend a capital to use it. However, if you just need to open a VSDX file once, you can take advantage of the offered 5-day free trial version. You don’t need to create a SmartDraw account to use it since the tool allows you to login via social media accounts. To open a VSDX file, you can click the Visio File menu at the top-most of the side panel on the document manager of SmartDraw.

3. Gliffy

Gliffy is also a fully paid online diagramming tool. No free version is offered. This tool also has a good compatibility with VSDX files. Gliffy offers a 14-day trial version. You can take advantage of the trial period to open as well as edit a VSDX file for free. If you want to continuously use this tool after the trial period is over, you need to spend $7.99/month. Gliffy itself is a HTLM5-based tool. To open a VSDX file, click File menu at the working window and select Import.

4. Lucidchart

Lucidchart is an online diagramming tool with a beautiful interface. It’s a freemium tool so you can use it for free without having to race against time. To start opening a VSDX file, you can create a new diagram. On the working window of Lucidchart, you will find a File menu. Click on it and select Import Diagram –> Visio.

5. draw.io

draw.io is the best option if you are looking for a free online diagramming tool. draw.io is completely free. Best of all, it is open source. draw.io also has a very good compatibility with VSDX file format. So, anytime you get a VSDX file and need to open it, just head to the draw.io website. To open a VSDX file with draw.io, create a dew diagram and click the File menu. Select Open from –> Device. Or, if your VSDX file is located on the cloud, you can also select Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive to download it.


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