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7 Powerful Ways AI Tools Are Transforming Email Marketing

“Hey, Zack! Check the Deals for you here!”

What will you do if you receive a mail with this subject line in the morning? Aren’t they persuading?

Guess who is building these components in your emails. It’s a robotic behavior called Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is part of every day’s life, and we also hear about its applications. For example, the learning thermostat Next, Google’s RankBrain, Personal Assistant Siri, Amazon Purchase Prediction AI, Tesla Self Driving car.

Marketing experts from around the world are excited about the applications of AI. However, some still find the topic irrelevant, and they don’t understand how to implement them on the day to day business. Rolling AI as a practice can bring various solutions in the industry.

Savvy marketers have eventually adapted to Artificial intelligence, which is the newest wave of the digital world. This is a data-driven marketing strategy enabling marketers to provide a personalized experience for their consumers. They are significantly cost effective than any of the conventional traditional marketing that has been used for the campaigns. AI is a tool for optimizing the future of customers with every personalized interaction with the brand.

There is no better time for organizations, marketers, and decision makers to understand how effectively we can use this technology.

How AI influenced Email Marketing works?

In the email, marketing, AI is used for creating opportunities with two main aspects — Cost pitfalls and Potential Productivity. This means that AI email marketing will be useful for both internal administration and to improve customer sales. There are two essential perspectives gained from different study groups will help you determine the influence of AI over Email marketing.

The above studies are clear on how both Emails and AI technology are booming in the digital world. Even though there are social media, email campaigns are found to be productive all the time. The success of email marketing depends on the strategy chosen. It is important that how you interact with the emails to the target audience. Here is where AI plays a significant role. They help in email verification, analyze the data, targeting personalizing and scheduling.

There are three critical areas where AI is revolutionizing the email marketing.

  • Hyper-personalization
  • Content Generation
  • Improved send times

The following article will help you walk through on how each of these areas is benefited in detail.

1. Right Content

Marketers have struggled through this. It is highly impossible to produce content that will bring the best results. When it comes to email content, all this while the marketers have worked with the assumption and not certainty. The AI is the right strategy says the statistics derived from MIT Sloan as they prove that 85% of the pioneer organizations use AI strategy part of the digital transformation. Moreover, surprisingly, 90% of them already have placed as an integral part of the email marketing systems.

Now that with AI email marketing have created a platform to understand what works best with the target audience. With various data points and variables available, the content needs to be shaped by complete optimization. Based on the insights derived from the AI platforms, now its entirely possible. They use natural language to create lines starting from the subject line. Some of the standard AI tools like Phrasee, Persado are a perfect example of how the body text and CTAs are made.

It is also seen that they make the recipients respond more. These email contents may seem like they are written by humans as they consistently follow brand tone. Just think the time and cost that they are saving. They produce the desired outcome, which makes smarter campaigns.

2. Personalization

Personalization works best with each of the customers. It depends on the interest, habits, and history that will suit the product recommendations, rebates, and discounts. Consider you have a customer abandoning the purchasing cart, it is challenging to retarget. Emails will have the CTA by default, helping you to target the customer. It helps the brand to make the purchase happen or recommend a similar item. The AI integration tools will take the CTA leads directly to the landing page or the page where the customers left for making the probability of conversion increased.

When we implement AI with email marketing, we call it ‘Hyper Personalization.’ It is because the AI tools can skim through browsing behavior, on-site activity, and purchase history. Based on the results-driven, it produces a dynamic, personalized real-time recommendation for the customers. This type of personalization adds high value to the marketer.

The AI trends are clearly stating that 49% of the customers are shopping more with the presence of AI, and 34% of them spend more money as well. Because AI takes conversion management to a different level. With AI email marketing, all the organization has sophisticated communication. At the hyper-personalized level, these messages are usually conversational and smart.

3. A/B Testing is now made better

A/B testing is defined as to creating a distinguished customer group as A and B, offering a slightly different version of email campaigns to these groups. This will help them to find which campaign worked better with the target audience. This testing completely relies upon data behavior, design, and technology usually. Saying that AI has always been on the top of the preferred list when running these campaigns. Do you know why?

Because whenever you are opting for A/B testing in email marketing, you need to come up with two creative, two narratives and two groups come up with changes every time. However, manually changing these structures and designs may not be useful when you run campaigns on Omnichannel. The testing becomes hyper-targeting as it involves 1000’s of combinations and permutations. You are making it highly challenging to track the customers or arrive at faster conclusions.

Here AI plays a significant role in enhancing the power of testing the customer behavior. The AI tools instantly create solutions and deliver the campaign at the right time. Also, with A/B testing, we can only choose one or two variable that needs testing, but with AI, you can get through the entire funnel quickly. There is a higher conversion rate, as there is an increase in the optimization effort.

4. Segmentation Made Easy

Think of the world where both automation and personalization vanishes again? It’s an apocalypse. However, do you know what makes them work efficiently? Of course! Big data. Never consider this a word of corporate. Big data is a concept of a tool in creating the segment in your subscribers to generated more personalized emails. Forbes survey finds that 87% of the AI adopters recently are focusing on the sales using the Big Data segmentation method.

Big data is the basic segmentation of AI, which makes apparent results. Now many organizations are investing in big for bringing a unified customer view. With the demand for email marketing growing forever, it’s challenging to make email worth of the time. Segmentation helps in finding the right inbox that opens. It enables you to stand out of the noise. Here AI shows the capability of readjusting the segmentation as soon it receives multiple entries at the same time.

With multiple variables available, join the dot is impossible if you work them manually. However, significant data segmentation helps you to get through the right picture. Based on various responses, we get better outcomes. We call this type of analysis as ‘Dynamic Predictive Segmentation.’ To put it simply, it is no more a Hercules task to create the customer data management system as you already have one with the intelligent segmentation.

5. Send times are now Optimized

Every country has a different time zone, and you might have customers globally. Also, you may have customers who read emails at different timing. Some people wake up to the mails; some read them while traveling, some during the mid-breaks. Therefore you need to ensure that the preferred timing of the customers optimizes the emails. However, at the same, you may never be able to sit 24/7 before the system to send these emails. This is where AI can ensure that each customer is receiving the mail at the right time.

Campaign Monitor survey found that $1 spent on every optimized email generates revenue of $38. Optimization includes the send times, time variables, gadget responsive, and much more. Send times may seem negligible, but they cause a significant impact as soon as the emails are open and made or clicked. When we say optimized send time, we do not just mean the time zone but also the segment. The email marketing managers are on the right track if they have been practicing machine learning. It is highly significant because each simple tweaks can increase the conversion rate.

6. Power data for Marketing benefit

Power data may sound unfamiliar with many organizations. However, being the modern marketing world, we need to understand the concept of power benefit for the brand’s good. We have always been worried about customer acquisition in the marketing campaigns, whereas retention and upselling are the real problems. Email marketing is not sufficient without these two main elements of the marketing goals. AI-powered data helps to achieve these goals and improve the potential value.

Now that AI can track the behavioral pattern of the consumers and predict the churn with the upselling. The power data will help the organizations to build the cross-selling offers and address every single problem faced by the users. This is one of the reasons why 30% of organizations across the world will be using AI as part of the Salesforce by 2020 says Venture Harbour.

7. Create Digital Advertising campaigns

There are various ways to run digital advertising campaigns. Social media has swept away the entire digital industry for running these campaigns; however; emails are still standing out as the tool for the maximum conversion. With AI, mainly email marketing helps to tap the required information from the customers. Starting from data hidden keyword searches and smart online ads, they ideally make your campaign decision all right.

While retargeting has been the best example of AI email marketing solution. In comparison, social media can only perform halfway while digital advertising campaigns with AI support can get precious help and play the right strategy in sending emails on the right time. One of the main advantages found that 63% of the audience believes that AI will help them to solve the complex problem when it comes to decision making.


Email marketing has always been criticized for the time-consuming process and complication. They require manual adjustment and have more hands to work on the analytics since there is extensive data involved. However, AI and machine learning have an overwhelming response, and they have changed the way email marketing was heading in the business. Here are the top seven significance of having AI implemented as part of the digital strategy. However, their capabilities are more than it is expected to be. Now get the structure on how applying AI to email marketing can expand your business further.

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