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Preventive Maintenance, App Integration, and You

Facility managers are tasked with ensuring functionality, safety, comfort, and efficiency of places where people work, live, play, or learn. They are valuable to organizations as they essentially take care of all services that help an organization or business function.

Most facility managers understand the need for preventive maintenance. Organizations are now incorporating preventative maintenance into their budget. Organizations have discovered that preventive maintenance keeps equipment in optimal working conditions, lowers breakdown risks, promotes health and safety, and boosts customer satisfaction.

Integration in facility management comes to play to ease the burden on employees and lowers operations costs. Integration consolidates all facility services and functions under one entity and team of experts to streamline decision-making between facility managers and business leaders.

Preventive maintenance is routine and regular equipment and asset maintenance to keep them in their optimal performance and prevent them from unexpected failure. To optimize preventive maintenance software, modern facility management software developers have introduced add-ons to the system, including:

Start/Stop Labor Tracking

This add-on feature allows organizations to plan, manage, and track their resources and time of employees accurately. Accurate time is crucial to organizations that bill time, organizations with many staff, and those that frequently outsource work. With start/stop tracking, organizations can be sure to complete the good work, with the right workforce, with the right resources, and at the right time. In addition, the organization can determine time spent on handling critical and non-critical work orders and improve planning.

QuickBooks Online Integrations

Quickbooks desktop and integration help organizations streamline accounting, project management, equipment breakdown, and maintenance. In addition, QuickBooks integration allows you to import invoices and other transactions with ease, whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly. If your organization uses Intuit’s QuickBooks, check if your facility management software is compatible and connect.

QuickBooks online integration will help you avoid falling behind schedule, allows you to track all work orders, how much orders cost, how much technicians charge hourly, and quickly pick out unwanted expenses through its analytics dashboard. QuickBooks integration automatically syncs all costs related to work orders or purchase orders with projects and invoices, which helps avoid human error as a result of manual entries.

Fleet Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is simply fixing a problem before it occurs. While most facility managers will agree on its importance, implementing it is the tricky part. If you work for a fleet-based organization, you’ll agree on how much taking one vehicle out of service affects the overall productivity and comes at a steeper cost.

Fleet maintenance extension will make it simple and easy for you to predict when a vehicle needs to be pulled out of operation and be brought to a mechanic shop for repairs or maintenance. Some sensors are connected to the fleet tracking solution, which monitors vehicle diagnosis and prompts fleet managers when maintenance needs arise. The sensors provide near real-time data, which can help facility managers refine preventive maintenance based on the organization’s needs.

Fleet maintenance feature streamlines fleet management and can help in uncovering hidden costs caused by extended vehicle downtime. The feature also helps reduce safety risks that could endanger drivers, workers, or any road user. For example, your vehicle needs brake services to increase its safety. In addition, make sure as well not to forget about vehicle registration. If the vehicle has been inspected, tag and title services will provide immediate full vehicle registration for two years.

Then for managing aspects of business like maintenance and repairs, we have started to use Ticked Off as it simplifies those greatly.

Slack Connection Keeps You Connected

Preventive maintenance management software allows everyone in an organization to submit work requests, gives you insights on how the maintenance department is fairing, and how equipment and the facility are performing. In addition, through the Slack platform, you can notify your staff on what to do without drafting emails and saving you time.

Organizations can, therefore, optimize preventive maintenance software to improve communication among the team, improve accountability, and save on costs. Slack preventive management system add-on features offline sync, cloud storage, mobile functionality to enable workers to submit orders anywhere. Adopting the system will improve the overall performance of the maintenance department, improve efficiency, and maximize productivity.

Automation Improved Efficiency

Automation is a proven way to increase efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Through automation, facility managers can prioritize and effectively handle work orders that come with different levels of urgency. It brings better communication with stakeholders, while mobile technology improves the efficiency of the entire process.

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