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10 Best Question-Answer Sites Like Quora

In addition to search engine, question answer sites like Quora are the best solution to get the answers of what you are curious about, online. If you are in luck, your questions will be answered by experts in the field you are questioning of.

Like it or not, Quora is the most popular question-answer site today. However, it is not the only question-answer site out there. Back in 2005 when Quora hasn’t built, internet users used to use Yahoo Answer as the alternative to search engine. Yahoo Answer still exists until today. It’s just, its popularity has been taken over by Quora.

Quora and the similar sites are great to share knowledge with others. If you love to share knowledge or want ask something, here is the list of question-answer sites you can use. I won’t be mentioning Quora since I think all people already know it.

1. ASKfm

ASKfm is one of the best alternatives to Quora. This platform is also popular enough with about 160 million users (according to a statistic on Wikipedia). ASKfm is basically designed for mobile devices, but you can also access it via web browsers. You can ask anything on this platform, whether using your real identity of anonymously. ASKfm was launched in 2010 and as of today this platform has been available in about 49 languages. ASKfm is headquartered in Latvia.

2. Yahoo Answer

Old internet users must have familiar with this platform. In case you forgot, Yahoo Answer once become the most popular place for internet users to ask something. As you can guess, this platform is owned by Yahoo. Yahoo released Yahoo Answer in 2005 as part of its service. When posting a question on Yahoo Answer you can also add supporting image if you have one. Yahoo Answer doesn’t allow you to make a question anonymously.

3. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a question-answer site that has a more specific market. This platform is aimed at developers to share their knowledge. According to a brief introduction on its site, there are over 50 million professional and aspiring programmers visit Stack Overflow each month with various purposes. From helping others to solve coding problems, develop new skills, to find job opportunities. Stack Overflow was released in 2008. It was projected to be a more open alternative to earlier question-answer sites such as Yahoo Answer. All user generated contents are licensed under the cc by-sa 3.0.

4. Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is the family of Stack Overflow. They both under the same company Stack Exchange Inc. Stack Exchange created after Stack Overflow to facilitate non-developer internet users who want to share their knowledge. So, you can make a question on any topic in this site. All user-generated contents on this platform are also licensed under the cc by-sa 3.0.

5. Ask Ubuntu

Most Ubuntu users, including me at first, may think that Ask Ubuntu was created by Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu). Unfortunately, we are wrong. This is a part of Stack Exchange Network, same as Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow. As you can guess, Ask Ubuntu is one of the best places for Ubuntu users to get their problem solved. If you are experiencing a problem with your Ubuntu, try to make a question on this site. Since (should be) all of Ask Ubuntu users are Ubuntu users, the chance to get the accurate answers is bigger.

6. Super User

Another member of Stack Exchange Network, Super User is aimed at computer enthusiasts and power users. Super User is a great platform for IT staffs of a company to share their knowledge as well as making question of any IT-related problems they are experiencing.

7. Answerbag

Answerbag is the old player in the question-answer website segment, even older than Yahoo Answer. This website has been around since 2003. The topic of Answerbag is general. You can ask any question on this platform. From fad questions to a more serious ones.

8. Blurtit

Blurtit is also an old player in the question-answer website segment. This website has been around since 2006. The company behind this platform is Blurtit Limited, a UK-based internet company. There is no significant difference between Blurtit and similar platforms mentioned earlier above. You are allowed to ask any question in any topic. From tech, science, health, finance, business and so on. The downside of Blurtit is that it displays too many ads within the contents.

8. Answers

Another old player in the question-answer website segment. Answers has been around since 2005. At the time of writing, the website is available in 6 languages, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Tagalog. Answers describes itself as the most trusted place for answering life’s questions. Even so, you can also discover questions as well as the answers on such topics as science, history, health, law, business and lots more. Same as Blurtit, Answers is also a bit too excessive in displaying ads. You will see a number of ads within the contents, in which not too good for knowledge-based platform like Answers.

9. Ask Me Help Desk

Ask Me Help Desk is also an old player in the question-answer website segment. This platform was firstly launched in 2003. Although this website is not as popular as Quora, but you can also rely on it to ask something you are curious about or to share your knowledge by answering the existing questions. The topic of Ask Me Help Desk is general. You can ask questions on such topics as art, literature, accounting, business, entertainment and tens or even hundreds more.

10. Experts Exchange

This it is. Experts Exchange is the oldest question-answer website on this list. This website was launched in 1996 and still exists until today. The user segment of this website is the same as Super User. Most users of this platform are sysadmins, developers and other IT-related workers. Company staffs like project manager, software engineer, IT manager, security specialist to network administrator can join this platform to get the latest issues related to their jobs.

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  1. Thanks a lot. I can’t understand which platform would be appropriate to pursue in educational matters and friendly interaction too?

  2. I just signed up to Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange after reading this article. I’ve been looking for good forum sites and I found them because of you.


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