2 Simple Steps to Request Files in Dropbox

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2 Simple Steps to Request Files in Dropbox

Probably, most people will suddenly recalled Dropbox when discussing about cloud storage. The service is widely chosen by people due to its feature-rich.

One of Dropbox’s lovely features is File requests that allows users to request files from anyone they want.

Requesting files in Dropbox is hugely easy, no complex steps are required. You can even request files from those unregistered to Dropbox. Once created a file request Dropbox will provide you an unique link that you can share anywhere in the internet. People then can upload your request via a form provided by Dropbox. Don’t worry, no one can see the uploaded files unless you decide to share them.

So, how to request files in Dropbox?

Step one: creating a file request

Of course, you need to create a file request before letting someone to upload the stuffs you want. Please login to Dropbox and see a bunch of links at the left side. You should see a link called File requests. Just click on it and you will be brought to the File requests page.

Once on the File requests page click on the “+” button. You will be asked to fill out what are you requesting. Once filled the column, click on the Next button.

Step two: share the link to people you are requesting files from

Once done with the steps above Dropbox will give you an unique link containing a form to allow anyone uploading the files you requested. You can share this link anywhere in internet, whether on your social media feed, email. Anywhere. Dropbox also helps you to email someone you consider as the proper sources of the files you want. Just type their email address and click the Send button.

Just be careful before sharing the link of your File requests on the public spaces such as Facebook, Twitter or anything. Because anyone can upload the files you requested, chance that your request will be flooded by too many submissions. It’s not good. It’s better to share the link to trusted people. And yes, also ensure you have enough spaces before requesting files in Dropbox.

You can check the number of submissions anytime you want. Just re-login to Dropbox and hit the File requests link every time you want to check the number of submissions.

Once your request reached the enough number of submissions, close the request to save your storage space. To do that, click on the Edit button right below your submissions.

Click Close request on the appearing pop-up.

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