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2 Ways to Search for Photos by Camera Model in Flickr

Commonly, people who are looking for a new camera will be conducting some research to find the best camera they want. There are some online resources where we can find camera reviews, price comparison, to photos taken with a certain camera.

There are also some people who have decided a certain camera model to be bought but, still get doubt because they still unsure about the photo quality resulted by the camera. If this is your problem, you can explore Flickr to find the photos taken with your preferred camera model.

Flickr has countless photo collections which you can explore as you want. In Flickr, you can search for photos by photographers, licences, to camera model. You can find nearly all camera brands. Unfortunately, some newest camera models haven’t listed yet on Flickr. For instance, when I tried to look for Nikon D3400 (Nikon’s latest entry-level DSLR camera), I didn’t found it on the list. But, its predecessor D3300 — which is released in 2014 — already there.

It’s not a big problem I guess since most latest camera models are not too different to their predecessors in terms of key features.

So, here’s how to search for photos by camera model in Flickr

How to search for photos by camera model in Flickr

Method 1

  • Visit flickr.com and login with your account. Click the Explore menu and choose Camera Finder.

  • You will be brought to a Flickr page which displays a list of camera brands. Click a certain brand to see the list of available models. Once found the model you are looking for, click on it and you will be brought to a new page which displays all photos taken with the camera model you choose.

Method 2

You can also see all the photos taken with a certain camera model directly from the photo you are seeing. On the detail page of each photo you can see a camera icon complete with the model name. Just click on the model name to see all photos taken using it.


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