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7 Best Tools to Send Large Files for Free

Want to send large files online, but lazy enough to spend money? I have put together the best tools you can use to send large files online for free.

A couple days ago my photographer friend asked me if there was a free tool he can use to send the photos he took, to his clients via internet. I recommended WeTransfer, but the free version of the tool apparently can only be used to send files with the maximum size of 2GB. Since my friend sometimes have to send larger files, he asked me another alternative.

WeTransfer is just one of the examples of the tool you can use to send large files online. There are many other tools available out there. Following are 7 of the best tools you can use to send large files online for free.

1. Filemail

The first tool you can use to transfer large files for free is Filemail. Filemail itself is a freemium tool with the free version enables you to send large files with the maximum size of 30GB. You can send any file using it. Filemail allows you to send the same files to multiple recipients at once via email. All you need to do just to enter the email addresses of the recipients you want to send the files to. If you use the free version, your files will be available for 7 days before they get deleted by Filemail. The free version of Filemail comes with rich enough features, like delivery tracking, FTP download and BitTorrent download.

2. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere allows you to send large files for free with the maximum size of 4GB. It will be a bit hassle to send files using this tool since it requires you to create an account first. Fortunately, the tool offers a Direct option. What is that?

As the name suggests, the feature allows you to send large files directly. You will be provided a PIN (will expire in 10 minutes) which you can send to your recipient. Your recipient will then need to enter the provided PIN to receive the files you sent. It is a safer way or file transfer. In addition to direct file transfer, you can also send files via link and email. But again, you need to create an account first before being able to do so.

3. DropSend

Security is the feature that is highlighted by DropSend. It allows you to securely send large files thanks to the 256-bit encryption feature. The maximum file size you can send with the free version of DropSend is 4GB. DropSend is not a suited tool if you send large files on your daily basis since the free version of the tool only allows you to send files 5 times within a month. You can send any files using this tool, whether photos, audios or videos. It also support multiple recipients. There is no requirement to create an account to use this tool.

4. WeSendit

WeSendit allows you to send as big as 5GB files without spending a dime. At the time writing of writing, the tool also offers several promos to encourage you to regularly use its service. WeSendit can be used for free with no account is required. You can send your files whether via email — which supports multiple recipients — or via link. The free version of WeSendit comes with two vital features of file transfer service: encrypted connection and download confirmation.

5. WeTransfer

Compared to four tools above, the maximum file size you can send with the free version of WeTransfer is the smallest, only 2GB, but there is a feature you will probably love. It allows you to send the files to 20 recipients at once, which is useful if you want to, for instance, give free photos away to your clients. You don’t need to create any account to use WeTranser. In addition to email, you can also send your files via link. Free version of WeTransfer will keep your files for a week before they get deleted. WeTranser itself is popular enough when it comes to file transfer service. Probably because the tool has a simple interface that is easy to use.

6. pCloud Transfer

pCloud Transfer is a great file transfer tool especially if security is the aspect you consider the most. This tool is completely free so all of the features can also be used for free, including the security feature. The security feature I mean here is password-protection. If you want to transfer files using pCloud Transfer, you can protect them with password so that only those you gave the password will be able to download the files you sent. Account is not required to use the tool. You can send your files via either link or email — which supports multiple recipients (10 recipients). The maximum file size you can send is 5GB.

7. TransferNow

If you don’t mind to see ads then TransferNow is also a great tool to send large files for free. The free version of TransferNow allows you send as big as 4GB files (5GB if you create an account) while protecting them with a password. The expiration date offered by TransferNow is also longer than the vast majority of the similar tools above. Your files will be kept for 15 days. You can also add up to 20 recipients at once.

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  1. Thank you for the article, I was looking at ways to share images in RAW format with my friends (one of them does editing in Lightroom, the other puts them into pdf zines I then share back with people I have photographed). I tried WeSendIt but my folks had an issue with it. The 3 days expiration was really pain in the bottom. I mean, one day I don’t have the time to download the files and when I comeback to it, it is gone. And I need to reach my friend again being like Man, sorry, I lost the link. Can you upload it again? It just really awful for my folks and I. So, I was looking at other services with longer expiration time and I have found filetransfer.io, which has amazing 21 days.

    If you are like me, I think you can try them. They are also free and have no ads. I am quite happy with them. (I am attaching link to them in the website part of this form, I hope it will work)


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