Sergey Tokarev: AI is a Complement to Human Intelligence

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Sergey Tokarev: AI is a Complement to Human Intelligence

In 2023, the IT sector has reached a new level. The primary topic of conversation throughout the globe has been the development of artificial intelligence technology. ChatGPT has at once sparked appreciation and concerns so that some specialists fear losing their careers. However, people should welcome this development as a fresh chance to succeed in their fields. Co-founder of Roosh and SET University founder Sergey Tokarev offers his opinion on the advantages of adopting AI.

Although ChatGPT was introduced in the fall of 2022, Ukraine only recently got the opportunity to use it, except for the areas temporarily occupied by Russia. Since its release, the chat is used worldwide. But there are still a lot of unanswered issues. Will AI, for instance, replace human experts? What tasks are most suited for using AI, and how can it be done effectively? Who will be responsible if a person is injured due to an AI chat? For many years, Sergey Tokarev has advocated for machine learning and artificial intelligence in Ukraine, but no one could have predicted how quickly it would develop.

According to Sergey Tokarev, the worries about the potential for AI to replace a variety of occupations are exaggerated. It is a supplement to human intellect, the investor said. Instead of being intimidated by AI and accepting it as a rival, people can use it as a potent tool to achieve their goals.

The fact that data is always growing is another factor supporting the use of AI. Humans are unable to retain all knowledge in their heads, so ChatGPT serves as a useful tool to convey all necessary information. People may do their work more quickly in this way because AI quickly organizes and analyses data.

Naturally, the process of using artificial intelligence differs from the processes we are used to. The most crucial step is to thoroughly create a prompt—that is, to express the concept of AI-generated text, image, or code—when you already know what you want from it, according to Sergey Tokarev.

A lot can be done with ChatGPT, especially with its most recent version. Sergey Tokarev gives an example of the areas in which AI may be the most helpful and ineffective instrument for accelerating workflow. AI is capable of doing a thorough and precise search for goods or services.

Customer service is yet another area where AI may be used. It picks up knowledge rapidly and may provide results regarding a service or product right away. It can also vocal its responses. Therefore, it will be challenging to tell whether you are speaking to a trained AI or a human.

Another application for AI is as an assistant. It can assist you with managing a heavy volume of calls, emails, and other information that must be processed as soon as possible. However, such a service needs to be performed expertly. Because of this, you may train AI to operate on your behalf so that you can focus more of your personal time on organizational tasks.

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