How to Set up VPN on Synology NAS

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How to Set up VPN on Synology NAS

Initially, let’s check how to install Synology, the first step of setting up VPN on Synology NAS to your computer.

For the installation, we first need to log in to this official tool and download the updated DSM streaming system with .pat progress and Synology Assistant software in the options within the Download Center.

After connecting the product, you have purchased to the network, the Assistant software is launched. This assistant scans and mirrors products run in the network to our screen.

After your products are listed, right-click on our product that appears as Not Installed in the status section, click on install, and the Installation Wizard starts. In the installation wizard, we continue by selecting the DSM operating system we have downloaded and clicking next. (Your data on our disks will be deleted.). After that point, you need to know to set up VPN like on Synology NAS.

On the page where the server information will be entered, we specify the password of your admin user, which is your administrator account, and the name of your drive. “Create Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) volume after installation.” I click on the option without any action after the process to make our NAS server available.

Set Up VPN on Synology NAS

This issue is very crucial in our ages. All of us know that a safe online world does not exist anymore. It is beneficial to get the best service in this direction. You may check a tremendous and very utile VPN via this link, Synology VPN. Let’s check how to set up VPN on Synology NAS.

  1. First, we determine a fixed IP on the device. Then we install the VPN SERVER via Package Center.
  2. After the installation is finished, we will see a screen when we open the server. There are settings under 2 categories on this screen, Management, and Settings.
  3. Since we will make PPTP for testing, we click on the PPTP tab and click the Enable PPTP VPN server box. We set a dynamic IP address.
  4. After we say apply, a warning will come to us. Here, it will ask us to check that TCP Port 1723 is Open.
  5. The basic settings we need to do on the tool are finished. We go to the Draytek vigor 2820 side that we used for the test and make the necessary settings there. After connecting to the modem interface, we come to the NAT> OPEN PORT section 1. Click on the tab
  6. After making the Enable open port tab open, we create a name from the Comment section. We chose WAN2 from the Wan interface section. Because we are connected to the Synology NAS device in the test via Wan2. In the Local computer tab, we write the Local IP of our Synology NAS VPN server. In the start-End port part, we decide TCP as Protocol and write 1723Port, which we will use for VPN. It gave us this warning on Synology NAS as well.
  7. We come to the Remote Access Tab from there >Remote Access Control. We are removing the Enable PPTP service because we will make a PPTP VPN.
  8. Now, we create a connection from Windows. Here we write the address that we will do.
  9. This section will ask us for a username and password. Here, we enter the username and password we created for VPN on Synology NAS. DONE!

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