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8 Audible-Like Sites to Get Audiobooks

Like it or not. We have to admit that Audible is the best source to get audiobooks. It is so much popular. Not only in the US but also globally, including developing countries where the residents tend not too familiar to audiobook. Audible, which is owned by Amazon, allows you to listen your audiobook collections across-devices.

But sometimes, you need something different to listen before getting a sleep and probably Audible doesn’t have the sort of audiobook you want to listen. Or simply, you probably want to look for a free alternative to Audible.

So, here are the 8 sites like Audible to enrich your audiobook library. Some free, some require you to pay.

1. Audiobooks.com

Audiobooks.com is the most potential competitor to Audible. It is also a site which exclusively sells audiobooks. In addition to web, Audiobooks also provides mobile apps for Android and iPhone so you can listen your audiobook collections from any device, not limited to a single device. There are about 100,000 audibooks available on Audiobooks.com and you can choose whether want to stream them or download them to your devices.

2. LibriVox

The audibook collection of LibriVox is probably not as rich as Audible and Audibooks.com. But, it is one of the best place if you want to download audiobooks without spending money. At the time of writing, the number of audiobooks availalable on LibriVox is about 11,352 and tens of new free audiobooks are added each month. All audiobooks are donated by vibrant volunteers across the globe. In LibriVox, you can search audiobooks based on author, title and genre. Not all audiobooks are in English. You can also find audiobooks in other languages such as French, Spanish, German and even Balinese (native language of Bali).

3. Lit2Go

All audibooks collections available on Lit2Go are in the MP3 format and you can stream them to listen directly from your computer or download them first if you want to own the files. Lit2Go itself is a free online collection of stories and poems. Yes, free. You can download or stream stories or poems without spending money, at all. Poems and stories are divided in categories like adventure, epic, essay, fable and so on. The audiobook collections of Lit2Go may tend to ideal for children, but there will be no sin if you want to listen them for yourself.

4. LoyalBooks

LoyalBooks has one thing in common to LibriVox. It is also a great place where you can get free public domain audisbooks, but it comes with a better interface. There over 7,000 free audiobooks you can stream or download on this site. LoyalBooks comes with a very good navigation to ease your job in finding the audiobooks. You can download the audiobooks per chapter or the whole book in a ZIP format.

5. Scribl

Scribl is also a serious competitor to Audible, other than Audibooks.com. This site also sells audiobooks online, but you will get a bonus in the form of ebook for every audiobook you buy without additional cost. In addition, there are also dozens of audiobooks you can access for free. To explore the audiobook collections available on Scribl, you can click the “Browse book” menu at the top-left corner. You can then filter the book by book length, genre, setting and other parameters.

6. Digitalbook.io

There are about 100,000 free audibooks offered by Digitalbook.io. The audibooks available on this site are collected from different sources, one of which is LibriVox. Once clicked the BROWSE menu on the front page of Digitalbook.io, you will be directed to another page with a good navigation where you can explore books based on genre. There are about 11 genres available on this site. You can listen the audiobooks on Digitalbook.io per chapter. Or, you can also download the whole book in as an archive in the ZIP format.

7. Recorded Books

Recorded Books is an indie audiobook publisher that has been around since 1979. On the website of Recorded Books you can explore and discover over 1,000 published audibooks (and also ebooks). It’s just, the digital books available on this site are not free. You can’t even see the price of the book if you don’t login. Recorded Books also comes with a very good navigation where you can filter the audiobooks by name, narator, date published and title.

8. Oasis Audio

Same as Recorded Books, Oasis Audio is also an audibook publisher. Although the audibook collections availalable on its site are not as rich as Recorded Books, but few is still better than nothing. Audiobooks collection on Oasis Audio are divided into three main categories; Best Sellers, New Releases and Coming Soon. Despite its fewer audiobook collections, Oasis Audio has a good enough navigation to makes it easy for you to explore and find audiobooks that attract to you.

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