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Top 5 Behance-Like Sites for Designers

Building an online portfolio is a crucial enough thing to do for designers in the era of internet like today. In this case, Behance often becomes the first option for designers. This platform allows designers to showcase their works as well as looking for new jobs.

In case you didn’t know. Behance is part of the famous creative company Adobe. Adobe has integrated this platform with other service owned Adobe — Creative Cloud — to ease creative people adding new stuffs in Behance.

Despite of its populariry, Behance is basically not the only online platform to showcase your creative works, especially design. There are plenty of similar platforms which you can use too. Recently, I explored the web to discover the alternatives to Behance and found plenty of options. However, only few of them that truly offer the same functionalities as Behance.

If you are a designer and is looking for Behance-like sites, whether as an alternative or as the additional spaces to showcase your works, here are some items you can try.

1. Dribbble

Dribbble is by far the best alternative to Behance. These two websites have similarities in many ways. Just like Behance, Dribbble is also a good space for designers to showcase their works to raise the chance to get new jobs. The designs showcased in this website are mostly tech-related. From mockups to user interface (UI) of apps. Companies can also take advantage of this platform to hire new talented designers.

2. DeviantArt

Those who love art and design must be familiar with DeviantArt. This is one of the popular places where designers and artists showcasing their works. In DeviantArt you can also follow the latest works from the artists you adore. For artists, DeviantArt is more than a place to showcase their works. They can also take advantage of this platform to sell their creative works.

Art works available on DeviantArt are vary from digital art, design and interfaces, traditional art to photography. Unlike Behance and Dribbble which allow you to post a new job as well applying, DevianArt has no feature to do that.

3. Coroflot

Coroflot has two major purposes. First, this platforms is meant to help companies to hire talented designers for every new campaign they are going to run. Second, designers can take advantage of this platform to apply for new jobs. Furthermore, you can also showcase your designs that have been accepted by companies that have hired you (like this one). Anyone is welcomed to join Coroflot, but you need ensure that you have at least three samples of work ready to upload before joining.

4. Artstation

Artstation is a showcase platform that was designed specifically for entertainment-related design such as movie and game. So, if you are a designer in this field Artstation would be your playground. In addition to showcasing your works, you can also follow other designers’r works to get some new inspirations for the new designs you are going to create. This platforms also allows you apply for new jobs.

5. Ello

Another Behance-like website that you can use to showcase your creative works is Ello. The concept of this platform is quite similar to Tumblr where you can follow other users’s works as well as share them. But, this platforms is designed for creative-minded people like you. You can take advantage of this platform to “sell” your self as this platform allows you to add the “hire me” button as well as “collaboration” button to allow fellow creators that want to collaborate to email you.

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