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9 Best Eventbrite-Like Sites to Manage Your Events

Evenbrite is a well-known site to manage events online. Event organizers can take advantages of this service to ease their jobs in selling tickets, manage registrations and lots more. While regular users can use the service to buy ticket of a certain event online with ease.

Other good features of Eventbrite is that you can also discover upcoming events in your city. Whether seminars and other education-related events, music concerts, community gatherings and a lot more. Most importantly, Eventbrite is available globally. Internet users from around the world can use the service.

With its superiority Eventbrite is obviously the first option for those looking for an online event management. However, for a or two reasons you probably don’t want to use the service and prefer to look for other alternative. Indeed, Eventbrite is not the only online event management tool in the market. There are many sites like Eventbrite that you can use to manage your events online.

Whatever your problem with Eventbrite, here are some online event registration software to replace it.

1. TicketSource

The first tool you can use to replace Evenbrite is TicketSource. It is a feature-rich online ticketing tool, allowing you to create, manage, sell and promote tickets online, in a free and easy to use way. There are no fees at all for the event organiser. One of the good things you can get from using this tool is that there are no fees at all for the event organiser. Instead, customers are charged per tickets sale when buying tickets. If your event is free, then there is no fee you need to pay. TicketSource allows to customise your own event landing page. You can integrate TicketSource with MailChimp to allow you to seamlessly communicate with your customers and potential customers. If you have a WordPress-based website, a plugin is available so you can sell tickets via your website. Here are the key features offered by TicketSource.

  • Online Box Office System
  • Print-at-home Etickets
  • Mobile Tickets
  • Printed Tickets & Wristbands
  • Wireless Scanning Kits & App
  • Event / Calendar View
  • Analytics & Reports

2. Accelevents

An easy and affordable platform with build in agenda management functionality. Through Accelevents you can setup your event registration, customize your event website, embed your checkout page right into your own site, and manage your event agenda. The agenda functionality also allows you to add speakers, sessions, tracks, and tags. You can even configure different ticket types so that people can only register for the sessions that their ticket type permits (eg. an All Access pass or just a Key Note pass).

Cool features:

  • Agenda management with attendee session registration
  • Discount and access codes
  • Bib numbers for road races
  • Customizable fees
  • White Labeling
  • Fundraising tools (auction, donation pages, text to give, etc.)

3. Ticketleap

Ticketleap is probably the most well-known alternative to Eventbrite. The main service of this tool is to help you in managing the sale of your even tickets. Ticketleap believes that attendee candidates are more likely to buy ticket when they get a little taste of the feeling of the event from the page itself. So, the service has built template to allow event to express itself, and as a result, maximize attendance.

Ticketleap also comes with some check-in options to be applied on the event day. You can use barcodes to authorize your attendees or prefer to use conventional option by checking their name off a list.

4. Eventzilla

Eventzilla is also a great replacement to Eventbrite. It is a great, easy-to-use tool for building professional looking event registration website. You can finish your registration page in minutes. Don’t worry if you haven’t created any registration page before since Eventzilla offers a guided event page setup, something that Eventbrite don’t offer. Eventzilla also allows you use your own branding.

Some big companies like Honda, TEDx to Virgin Australia have used the service of Eventzilla. Eventzilla also allows barcode scanning to authorize your attendees to minimize the use of papers.

5. Thundertix

One of reasons why you need to give Thundertix a try is because it has a number of integrations to ease you in managing your ticketing sales. Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Twitter and Facebook are some of examples you can integrate Thundertix with. There is also an ad space in the PDF ticket to put your main sponsor attribute. Thundertix also offers venue management tools which features barcode scanning, customer database, donations, season packages and lots more.

Thundertix tend to suitable for event organizer companies who are looking for a tool to manage ticketing sales and event venue.

6. Bookitbee

If you need an online tool to manage events like gigs, festivals, education-related events, charities or business then Bookitbee is one of the tools you can consider. The tool is feature-rich enough where it can ease your job as the event organizer. The Bookitbee booking pages work very well on mobile and tablet devices as well as desktop so your attendee candidates can book their tickets anywhere. Bookitbee’s allocated seating system allows them to select seats easily. The ticket will be sent via email once your customers finished their payment.

7. Meetup

Unlike services mentioned earlier above which mostly help you to manage your events. The focus of Meetup is to help users finding events they love to. Meetup uses the GPS system to learn your location and displays nearby events around you. You can also explore nearby events by categories from outdoor, tech, tech, photography and lots more.

8. Rsvpbook

Rsvpbook is an old player in the online event management tool market. The service has been around since 2003 (older than Eventbrite). The main focus of this service is to help you handling online registration for your event and makes it easy for your attendee candidates to register from their devices. If you have no idea about the design of registration page you want to create, Rsvpbook has provided a good sample.

9. Xing Events

A good event management tool not only helps your pre-event activities like selling the tickets and get as many as possible attendees. It also should helps you to treat your attendees database for the next event. And Xing Events is one the tools that you can use to manage anything related to your event before, during and after the event. Xing Events has four major services including event promotion, ticketing, entry management and customer retention. You can also request for a consultation if you meet any problem to use the Xing Events’s services.

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  1. Eventbrite isn’t always the best, it’s just the most popular, and that doesn’t mean a hole lot to me. I personally like Ticketbud is a great site like eventbrite https://ticketbud.com because they have really great customer service, and I didn’t have to wait until after my event to get paid, like I did with Eventbrite!

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