9 Freepik-Like Sites to Download Vectors and PSDs for Free

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9 Freepik-Like Sites to Download Vectors and PSDs for Free

Freepik is known as a website to download vectors and PSDs. To download vectors and PSDs on Freepik you don’t need to spend a dime. It’s just, there are some rules you need to obey regarding the use of the contents you downloaded. Most contents require you to credit the authors.

Freepik is not the only site where you can download free vectors and PSDs. There are several other alternatives you can visit in case you don’t find the vectors or PSDs you are looking for at Freepik. By the way, Freepik is a community-driven site. All of the contents are contributed by users.

Most sites listed below also use the same concept as Freepik. So, here is the list of Freepik-like sites to download free vectors and PSDs.

1. 123RF

You might better know 123RF as a paid stock photo service. It turns out that the service also offers millions of high-quality FREE downloads of stock content including 500,000 unique vectors and 3D iIllustrations for personal and commercial use. So, if you are looking for free vector files for your project to reduce the production cost, you can take a peek at 123RF. The vector files on 123RF are available in two formats: SVG and ESP. Meaning that you can edit them on tools like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW to Inkscape. Before being able to download a vector file, you need to create an account on the 123RF website first. Once done, you can start exploring the free vector collections offered by 123RF. You can visit this page to find free vectors on 123RF.

2. Vexels

Well, not all vectors and PSDs available on Vexels are free to download. You need to be patient and persistent exploring Vexels until you get the free vectors/PSDs you need. The premium contents have the “premium” label on them. All of the contents on this site are created by the Vexels team, you need to credit Vexels to use one. Each vector/PSD file on Vexels is packed in an archive file, containing a readme file and a vector/PSD you want. Be sure to read the readme file before using it. Vexels itself uses a freemium business model. While you are allowed to download vectors/PSDs for free, there are some advantages you are going to get of being a paid user.

3. Vector.Me

Vector.Me is a community-driven website that allows you to download free vectors. This site doesn’t apply a complex rules regarding the use of its content. You are allowed to use the vectors you downloaded for both personal and commercial purpose. However, be sure to read the readme file (or something similar) if the file is exist to ensure you are not infringing copyright. Most vectors on this site are made with Adobe Illustrator. You don’t have to be a Vector.Me member to download a vector. At the time of writing, there are over 280,000 free vectors you can download.

4. 365PSD.com

365PSD.com is also a community-driven website like Vector.Me, but the content is not limited to vector. You can also get PSD files for free. However, all contents are locked and you will be asked to perform certain act with the social media accounts you have, like giving a Facebook like, tweeting or follow the 365PSD.com official Twitter account. The vector and PSD files are also packed into an archive file. There is no specific rule regarding the use of the contents you downloaded from 365PSD.com. You only be asked to include attribution information when you use the graphic on external websites.

5. Flaticon

Flaticon is a great place to download vector icons. There are about 649,000 vector icons you download on this site, which are grouped in 12,282 packs. You can download the whole pack or individual icons by adding your preferred icons to the Collections (something like shopping cart). There are four different file formats offered by Flaticon; PNG, SVG, ESP and PSD. You can use the vectors you downloaded for any purpose, but attribution is required. If you want to download a certain pack, you will be asked to create a Flaticon account first.

6. FreeVectors.net

FreeVectors.net is also a nice website to download free vectors. From icon packs to arts. Unfortunately, most vectors are intended to personal use only. FreeVectors.net is also a community-driven website where the contents are contributed by users.

7. 1001FreeDownloads

1001FreeDownloads is the best alternative to Freepik in terms of content. In addition to vectors and PSDs, this site also offers free photos, wallpapers, cliparts and even fonts. The difference, all contents on this site are created by the 1001FreeDownloads team. You are allowed to use contents from this site for any purpose, including commercial with an attribution is required. Each content on this site is also packed in an archive file. The archive file contains a readme file. You can read the readme file to figure out the restrictions of the file use.

8. Vectorportal

According to a brief statistic on its site, there have been over 35 million vector downloads served by Vectorportal. This site has been around for over a decade. Vectorportal was released in 2005. All vectors on this site can be used for any purpose, whether personal or commercial. Just be sure to credit Vectorportal if you want to use vectors you downloaded for commercial projects. Vectors available on this site ranging from animals, musics, background and so on. The handy search bar makes it easy for you to find the vector you need.

9. Vecteezy

Vecteezy has over 100,000 of free vectors, mostly vector arts. You are also allowed to use the vectors you downloaded from Vecteezy for any purpose, including commercial. Just don’t forget to credit Vecteezy if you want to use your vectors. In addition to free, this site also offers premium vectors. The handy search bar at the middle-top of the site will ease your job in finding the vectors you need. You can also browse the vectors by category. Vectors offered by Vecteezy are available in three formats; AI (Adobe Illustrator), CDR (CorelDRAW) and SVG (Inkscape) so you can edit them no matter the drawing software you use.

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