5 IMDb-Like Websites to Read Movie Reviews

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5 IMDb-Like Websites to Read Movie Reviews

Every movie fan must have heard about IMDb. It is one of the best resources of movie-related things like reviews, ratings, news, trailers and so on. IMDb itself stands for Internet Movie Database and owned by the giant retail company, Amazon.

Many people visit IMDb every time they want to watch a certain movie to check the rating, synopsis and user reviews. Particularly if the movie is strange enough to them. Even so, IMDb is actually not the only website to allow you digging the information related to the movie you want to watch. There are other similar websites you can rely on too.

If — for some reasons — you don’t like IMDb and want to look for the alternatives to it, you can refer to the following list.

1. Fandango

Fandango is actually a website that sells movie ticket. But, it also offers something like IMDb does. If you are looking to search for information regarding the movie you want to watch, just type the title of the movie on the available column and hit the GO button. Clicking on one of the results will lead you to the more detailed information about the movie you are going to watch like trailer, synopsis, user reviews and so on. You can even see the scene cuts of your preferred movie.

2. AllMovie

AllMovie is pretty similar to IMDb with the main service to provide you the comprehensive movie info like reviews, ratings, trailers, synopsis and so on. There are two buttons beneath the movie poster to allow you get the movie from Amazon and Google Play Store quickly. If you are looking to use AllMovie to search for recommended movies, you can use the Advanced Movie Search feature that is located at the right side of the site. You can discover movies by rating, decade release or genre.

3. Rotten Tomatoes

Generally, what you will get from Rotten Tomatoes is not too different to IMDb and AllMovie. You can also use this website to check how popular a certain movie is by checking its average rating and reviews. Giving your opinion over the movies is also easy since you are provided a review column right beneath the scoring section. Scrolling down a certain movie page you will see four buttons from Amazon, iTunes, Fandango and Vudu to enable watch the movie from them.

4. Moviefone

Moviefone is tend to similar to Fandango where its main service is offers you movie ticket. But, just like Fandango, you can also check the popularity of the movie you want to watch by reading the user reviews before you deciding to buy or rent the movie. Moviefone lets you to watch movie online on Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Vudu and iTunes.

5. Movies.com

Movies.com is a website where you can get the latest movie news. But, you can also utilize this website to read your preferred movie reviews like you can do in IMDb. Like other websites on this list, Movie.com also opens an opportunity for anyone who want to watch their preferred movie online via Netflix, iTunes and Amazon. There is no rating offered by this site but you can check the worthiness of each movie from its reviews.

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