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6 Sites Like Imgur to Save Your Images

Free image hosting sites like Imgur is the best savior for bloggers who want to add multiple images in each blog post they create while, in other hand, have a limited hosting capacity. One thing you have to notice before choosing an image hosting service like Imgur is that you need to ensure that it’s easy to get the URL of each image. Or at least, the service you are going to choose allows you to embed the images using certain code.

Imgur is undoubtedly one of the most famous free image hosting services. It allows you to upload images without requiring you to have an account. Although many bloggers (and internet users generally) consider Imgur as the best free image hosting service, you probably want to migrate to another service due some reasons.

Whatever your reason, if you want to leave Imgur for other image hosting service, here is the list you can consider.

1. ImageShack

ImageShack is one of the best alternatives to Imgur. But, unlike Imgur, you are required to create an account first before being able to upload your images. Or you can login with your Facebook account if you lazy enough to create an account. ImageShack allows you to upload as many photos as you want without file size limitation. But keep in mind, you will probably need to upgrade your free account to get all of the offered “wow” features since ImageShack is a freemium service.

ImageShack has understood why did you use its service. After uploading a certain image ImageShack will offer you several link types from direct link, forum to HTML. You can choose the best one that is best suited to your need. ImageShack also features an image library to help you manage your images.

2. Photobucket

Same as ImageShack, you are also required to create an account before being able to use Photobucket as your image hosting service to replace Imgur. Photobucket itself is an old player in the image hosting market. The service has been around since 2003 before the social media era. Photobucket has some similarities to ImageShack. You will also see several link types on how to use you images. There is a direct link option if you want to add images to your blog post. Furthermore, Photobucket also comes with an image library.

There is a huge downside of Photobucket you will hate to. This image hosting website is full of ads!. Unless you upgrade your free account to premium one, you will see so many ads in every corner of Photobucket. You will even be welcomed by an annoying pop up ads once logged in.

3. ImageBam

ImageBam is another free image hosting alternative to Imgur that comes in a simple interface. You can also upload images without creating any account. Unlike Tinypic, ImageBam doesn’t come with an excessive advertisement scheme. There is no limitation of the number of files but each file should not larger than 10MB. While you can use ImageBam for free, there are several features that are only available for registered members, including image management tool.

4. FunkyIMG

FunkyIMG is another nice sites like Imgur that you can use to save your images. If you are a sort of person who don’t like to see ads, FunkyIMG is something you are looking for. You can use this service for free without having to deal with annoying images like, for instance, Tinypic. Creating an account isn’t also mandatory. There are 6 link types offered by FunkyIMG including direct link which is will be your option if you want to use FunkyIMG as an image hosting for your blog. The maximum allowed file size is 4MB.

5. Uploads.im

Uploads.im tend to ideal for disposable images. I mean, there is no feature to enable you manage the images you have uploaded before. There is even no option to create an account. Uploads.im is a completely free service with no annoying ads. You are allowed to upload images with the file size up to 10MB. There is a direct link option to enable you use your images for multiple purposes, including blog post.

6. ImgBB

Last but not least. ImgBB is another sites like Imgur which allows you save images for online needs. Unless you are registered member, you will see some annoying ads in the front page of of ImgBB. Apart from setting you free from ads, becoming a registered member also gives you other benefits. Including the ability to manage the uploaded images, creating albums and lots more. ImgBB allows you to upload images with the maximum size up to 16MB. The website also offers several link types to allow you use your images for different purposes.


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  1. Nupic.co is also great! Its a free image hosting service. Just upload and share your images across a variety of popular social platforms.

  2. Good list, but you should try Photoland.io – 25 MB per file limit for guests, 256 MB per file for members with a free account. Fast and secure, and images can be hotlinked.

  3. ImageCoast is another free image host and sharing site. All photos are kept private, but they do have a share link if I want to share any photos. They also have a quick upload feature where you can upload and share without logging in/signing up.


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