11 Speedtest Alternatives to Measure Your Internet Speed

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11 Speedtest Alternatives to Measure Your Internet Speed

People usually use Speedtest to figure out how fast the internet connection they are using, especially when they are connected to the public internet. Speedtest is indeed a popular tool used by many internet users to measure the internet speed they use. This tool is available on many platforms including web, desktop, and mobile.

However, Speedtest is not the only tool to enable you to measure internet speed. There are many other alternatives out there which you can use too. I have rounded them up for you.

All of the Speedtest Alternatives I am going to show below have similar workflows as Speedtest. They work by sending a packet request to the selected server and measure the response time between the server and your machine.

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) might claim that the internet service they offer has super speed like a thunderbolt. But, consumers are smarter than they thought. Here is the list of Speedtest alternatives to enable you to measure the internet speed you are using.

1. Speedcheck

The first Speedtest you can use to check your internet speed is Speedcheck. The way this tool works is not different to Speedtest. All you need to do is visit its website and click the Start Test button and it will start working to test your internet speed. There are three main information you can see once this tool is done performing the test: latency, download speed and upload speed. The advantage of Speedcheck is that it has a very clean user interface.

2. SpeedOfMe

SpeedOfMe is particularly great to replicate real-world browsing and downloading conditions. It works by requesting a series of files in increasing size and recording the speed at which they are downloaded. SpeedOfMe is a HTML5-based tool which mean it requires neither flash nor Java to run. All you need is your browser. You can use this tool on any devices from smartphone, tablet to desktop.

After the testing process is ready, you will be provided a useful chart which you can download for further analysis. Download speed is showed in the blue chart while the upload speed on the yellow chart.

3. TestMy.net

TestMy.net isn’t too different to SpeedOfMe. Its main feature is to help you figuring out both download and upload speed. Unlike SpeedOfMe, TestMy.net allows you to check either download or upload speed separately in case you just want to check one of them. Unfortunately, there is no option to download the testing results. But, you can fix it by taking the screenshot of the chart in case you need it for a report file, for instance.

If you have some problem in understanding the term of the testing results there is page which you can refer to get the brief explanation about each term.

4. Bandwidth Place

Firstly, Bandwidth Place will send a packet request to the selected server using a PING tool. Server selection is either done by lowest available ping, or using specific locations and servers that allow you to see how distance alters your latency and speeds. Bandwidth Place then will calculate the responses time between the selected server and your machine and displays the results in an odometer-like display. The results contain three elements: download speed, upload speed and responses time.

To see the more detailed information about the results you can click the My Result button. You can export the detailed information to a CSV file for a further process. Bandwidth Place itself is a HTML5-based tool. This tool has been around for years since 2002. One of the interesting things about this tool is that it has a history feature to enable you compare the internet speed of your ISP from day to day.

5. Fast.com

Before enjoying the high-def and 4K contents from Netflix you need to ensure that you have a decent download speed of your internet connection. And Netfflix has provided a simple tool to allow you testing your internet connection quality (download speed specifically). The tool is Fast.com.

Fast.com is one the Speedtest alternatives that comes with a very simple interface and it’s a bit impatient. The tool will immediately measure the download speed of your internet connection once the site is fully loaded. You don’t have to press any button to start testing. Since the intention of this tool is to help you testing the download speed to enjoy the Netflix contents, it gives no information about the upload speed. You will only see a giant number showing the Mbps of your download speed, along with a retest button.

6. Openspeedtest

Openspeedtest is one of other Speedtest alternatives that adopts the technology of HTML5 to reduce the resource usage of your computer. The way this tool works is not far different to other speed test tools on this list. It will send a packet request using a PING tool to get the response from the selected server. Then, the tool will show you the connection speed in between your machine and the connected server.

Openspeedtest claims that it uses a unique algorithm that will show you the exact stable speed you are getting from your ISP. You can also use this speed test tool via web browser on any device, not limited to PC/laptop.

7. AT&T Internet Speed Test

AT&T, a famous telecommunication company also has a speed test tool which you can use as one of the Speedtest alternatives. The tool offered by AT&T is called AT&T Internet Speed Test. You will find the interface of this tool is quite similar to Bandwidth Place with its odometer-like display. There is no special feature of this tool. You will also be informed about the speed of the download and upload of your internet connection, in an “odometer”. At the testing results, you will also be offered to customize your connection to get the most out of your connection. If you wish to get a faster internet service, AT&T has plenty of packages you can choose from. Check this link to see their list of plans in detail.

8. XFINITY Speed Test

With its blue navy interface, XFINITY Speed Test is tend to similar to Speedtest. But, it’s not Speedtest. In addition to download and upload speed, XFINITY Speed Test also informs you the network latency to find out how fast a data packet is transferred between a spot to another. By default, XFINITY Speed Test will test the connection speed between your machine to a server located in Nashville, TN, USA but, you can change the server location from the Advanced Settings that is located at the top-right of your screen. XFINITY Speed Test also lets you to share the testing results but, there is no download option to turn the testing results into a PNG or PDF for a further analysis.

9. Internet Speed Test by Cox

Cox Communications also has a tool to enable you checking the internet speed of the ISP you are using. Not as pretty as, for instance, Cox Communications. But, the speed test tool from Cox Communications is also capable to let you know the download and upload speed of your internet connection. Additionally, it also displays the network latency as well as your public IP.

10. Speedtest.net.in

Speedtest.net.in was specifically designed to help you testing your broadband connection. So, its use will be more ideal for smartphone. And indeed, you can get the app of this tool on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Firstly, Speedtest.net.in will identify your location and it will look for the nearest server. Once you press the START button the latency test is performed. After a while, the tool will display the download and upload speeds of your internet connection.

Speedtest.net.in will give you a brief overview about your results by comparing it to the average internet speed in your country as well as globally.

11. Comparitech Broadband Speed Test

Comparitech Broadband Speed Test explains how the broadband speed test works and when you run the test on the site it will measure the download and upload speeds you are achieving as well as latency (ping).

The test can analyze speeds on any type of broadband and even mobile connections too, and the added bonus with using the site is the fact that Comparitech has pledged to donate one cent for each speed test.

Comparitech will not store your IP address or any other information when you run the test and to ensure that your speed test result is not manipulated or enhanced they run the test through a recognized cloud server and not a third party network.

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