Strong Reasons to Start Managing Your Bookmarks

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Strong Reasons to Start Managing Your Bookmarks

Everyone who spend their most time working with internet definitely have plenty of bookmarks on their browser. The concept of bookmark is really useful in helping us saving interesting, useful web pages we potentially find when we are browsing the web.

Finding a certain bookmark can be a bit pain when you have had too many bookmarks in your browser. Fortunately, all modern web browsers have been equipped with a bookmark manager to allow you manage the bookmarks you have. Today, we can even use an online bookmark manager so that we can access all of our bookmarks from anywhere.

Even so, not all internet users have an awareness of managing their bookmarks. Instead of choosing a certain folder or adding tags to put together the related bookmarks, some internet users will just press the Ctrl+D button to bookmark a certain web page. This won’t be a serious problem if your bookmarks still in a small number. The different story goes when the number of your bookmarks is getting rise. In such situation, you have no choice but managing your bookmarks.

Here are the reasons why do you need to manage your bookmarks.

1. Managing your bookmark can save you time

The most possible scenario if you are working with internet is that you are going to have tens or even hundreds of bookmarks. In such scenario, it could be a bit a problem to find a certain bookmark when you need it if you let your bookmarks unmanaged. Sure, you can take advantage of the search feature of the bookmark manager on your browser to get the stuff you want. But, what if you forget the site name (or the title) of the page you are looking for?

At least, if you remember what is the page about, you can discover it through the bookmark folders you have where you potentially save it to. This way, you can get the bookmark you want more quickly.

2. Ease your job if you have to migrate to another browser

Recently, one of my friends migrated to Firefox from Google Chrome since he felt that Chrome consumes too much memory and often caused his computer getting hang.

All modern web browsers, including Chrome, allow you to export bookmarks to a HTML file to be imported to other browser. This will be so helpful if you have to switch from a browser to another one. You won’t lost the important web pages you have bookmarked on previous browser.

3. Make you be much more flexible

In order to get the most out of bookmark you can consider using online bookmark manager. Why? Because it can make you be much more flexible.

If you bookmark a web page on a certain web browser it means that you have to use the same browser (and also the same machine) to access it. The different story goes when you save a web page into a certain online bookmark manager. You will keep able to access the web page you saved from different browser and device as long as you have an internet connection. Some online bookmark managers even also provide mobile app to enable you accessing your bookmarks from your smartphone.

Final words

Three points above are just examples. There are much more benefits if you want to manage your bookmarks. Have an interesting experience? Share it to the comment section, please.

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