7 Great SurveyMonkey Competitors to Create Online Surveys

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7 Great SurveyMonkey Competitors to Create Online Surveys

SurveyMonkey has a very good reputation as an online survey creator. From the front page of the SurveyMonkey website, you can see a fact that this survey platform is capable of handling 16 million questions a day. However, SurveyMonkey is still far from perfect and it is not the only tool you can use to create online surveys.

If you are regularly creating online surveys and find that SurveyMonkey doesn’t suit your needs anymore, there are several other online survey creators you can switch to. Same as SurveyMonkey, most SurveyMonkey competitors also use the same business model by offering free version for basic features and require users to upgrade their free account to access more features.

Following are 7 SurveyMonkey competitors you can use to create online surveys.

1. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey is one of the closest competitors to SurveyMonkey. The features offered by this survey platform is not much different to SurveyMonkey. You will also be assisted by ready-to-use templates to create a new survey without having to start everything from the ground. On the front page of the SoGoSurvey you will also see a fact that SoGoSurvey are used by world’s famous organizations like Unicef, Duke University to eBay. Whatever the type of survey you are going to conduct. From market research, employee engagement, government to educational-related surveys. Everything can be handled by SoGoSurvey.

2. SurveyPlanet

As described on the front page of its website, SurveyPlanet offers a tremendeous set of free tools for designing your survey. The best thing about SurveyPlanet is that free users are allowed to create unlimited surveys, unlimited questions and unlimited responses as well. Which is great for an organization that regularly conduct online surveys. However, the are lots of more interesting features you are going to get if you upgrade your free account, including the ability to create branching questions, image choice questions, survey completion, notifications and so on.

3. Zoho Survey

If your business relies on Zoho’s products then there is no reason to not using Zoho Survey if you need to create an online survey. Zoho Survey is a great tool to create a business-related survey. Its integrations with MailChimp, Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns make Zoho Survey a great survey tool for business. Zoho Survey also allows you to collaborate with your colleagues to produce the best surveys. Zoho Survey can also be used for free but with a very limited features. I don’t suggest you to use the free version of Zoho Survey if you want to go further with your surveys.

4. SurveyGizmo

SurveyGizmo offers sollutions for those who want to create any type of surveys. From market research, healthcare, customer experience, education-related surveys and so on. The online survey platform divides its service into two editions, Organizations and Individuals. SurveyGizmo also uses the freemium business model. The feature gap between the free version and paid versions of SurveyGizmo is big enough.

5. KwikSurveys

KwikSurveys has one thing in common to SurveyPlanet. The free version of the this online survey tool allows users to create as many surveys as they want, as well as unlimited questions and responses for each survey they are creating. Free version also comes with full results export and powerful report builder. If you curious who use the KwikSurveys, you can find brands like BBC, Pepsi and Barclays on the list.

6. Responster

Responster offers four major solutions; customer feedback, employee engagement, event and conference and also product and marketing. With a bit creativity, you may can also use Responster to create other types of surveys. Responster is also a nice choice if you are looking for a SurveyMonkey alternative that allows you to create unlimited surveys using free account. Its drag and drop survey builder lets you create stunning surveys in minutes. The response analytics — which also available for free version — lets you organizing answers into easy to understand charts and graphs.

7. SurveyHero

SurveyHero is also a freemium online survey tool. If you opt to use the free version of this tool, you will only have 30 days to use the survey since it will not be available anymore after 30 days. SurveyHero will delete the survey you created. SurveyHero is a nice option if you are looking for an online survey tool with a flexible payment option. This online survey tool accepts PayPal and credit cards (VISA and MasterCard).

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