The Future of E-commerce: Trends and Innovations with SAP Commerce Cloud

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The Future of E-commerce: Trends and Innovations with SAP Commerce Cloud

E-commerce is the force that turns the modern world around. Initially, digital presence was like a simple bonus to a physical store, yet now, it’s the propeller of commercial business, with physical stores being more like a commodity option.

Today’s online shopping seems to have reached its perfection – the eye-pleasing design of the stores, extensive choice, geo-independent orders, high-quality goods, and quick delivery. Is there anything else to wish for and what is the next frontier of E-commerce development?

We have outlined the future perspectives of digital commerce development by analyzing the global leader among E-commerce solutions SAP Commerce Cloud and its vision of cutting-edge store functioning.

What Is SAP Commerce Cloud?

SAP is a tech solution that helps to manage the data input and processing across all the departments of the company or business. It consists of 64 modules, each one being responsible for a particular area of influence (transport management, supply chain management, E-commerce solutions, financial management, etc.). The modules can be used as stand-alone solutions and can also be integrated to create a cover-it-all system of the company’s management, where all the activities are controlled and streamlined.

SAP Commerce Cloud, formerly known as Hybris, is a leading E-commerce platform that helps every owner to manage their online shop, elevate customer satisfaction, and thus, maximize profits. It is designed for B2C, B2B, and B2B2C types of business.

SAP Commerce Cloud can be integrated with other SAP modules, to build the ever-functioning online store with all the related operations being monitored and managed.

When there is a need to create a SAP-based infrastructure for the E-commerce presence, it is highly recommended to contact SAP Consulting and Implementation services, the LeverX company, who are the trailblazers in building and implementing the SAP architecture worldwide.

Trends and Innovations in E-commerce

1. 100% Personalized Shopping Experience

Artificial Intelligence is an omnipresent trend now and the first tool to use when optimizing the efficiency of the business functioning; E-commerce is not an exception. The implementation of artificial intelligence helps to fulfill the dream of every customer – a personalized approach and selection of goods, instead of meaningless ads and random goods.

SAP Commerce Cloud with its AI-driven algorithms implemented, helps to analyze huge volumes of incoming data of the users and produce personalized recommendations and experiences. Such a targeted approach makes the shopping experience quicker and more need-oriented, which elevates the level of customer satisfaction, and thus, creates a network of loyal clientele.

2. Headless E-commerce – Improved User Experience

Headless Commerce is a relatively new trend, which establishes its influence globally (in the developer’s world) and entails the separation of the front-end visual layer from the back-end executive structure. Unlike the traditional approach, where the user interface is linked to the back-end infrastructure, headless commerce allows more freedom in customization and flexibility of the user shopping experience, as the two are decoupled.

SAP Commerce Cloud, as one of the leading platforms for E-commerce development, enables developers with the opportunity to build headless architecture with the help of Spartakus Storefront. Such an integration into the modern front-end framework provides a multi-channel E-commerce performance through a single platform and helps to create unique user interfaces.

3. Augmented Reality

Another trend that seemed to be possible only in sci-fi movies has become a reality now – an augmented reality integrated with SAP Commerce Cloud. The AR is a true revolutionizer of online shopping, as it addresses a troublesome gap between visual perception and physical fitting.

AR helps to check if the chosen furniture fits the corner of your balcony, if the lipstick will match the color of the dress, if the glasses fit well, etc. Such immersive shopping will give every buyer a clear understanding of the chosen goods and will present an expected value.

4. Social Media Widgets

Social Media is the source of news, events, communication, and reviews. Reviews are decisive influencers for finalizing the purchase. Typically, the reviews are left on social media, in groups, or under posts. Instead of taking the customers to external sites and wasting their time on a search, it is worth considering the widgets, which will instantly take the customers to the right place.

The embedded social media widget will benefit the shopping experience of the customers, and thus, increase the profitability of the store.

5. Voice Commerce

SAP Commerce Cloud allows the integration of conversational AI into the E-store. Such an innovation starts a new era of shopping, as it enables customers to browse and make purchases using only their voice commands. Therefore, the shopping experience will be extended to those who have limited visual abilities or are simply busy with other duties, letting them do the shopping while performing other responsibilities. Hands-free shopping will skyrocket the growth of the audience.

For more details and clarifications, it is worth consulting LeverX, who possess an extensive knowledge of implementing all the innovations into the E-commerce structure.

6. Instant Delivery

Timely and fast delivery is one of the most important characteristics of any E-commerce business; the same-day shipping of orders is already a necessity. However, advancements are just around the corner, with the help of fully automated order fulfillment, delivery drones, and robots, which can provide a same-day delivery option.

The main goal of instant delivery is to let the users combine the pleasure of instant traditional purchases while enjoying the benefits of online comfortable shopping.

The Bottom Line

E-commerce is the fastest-growing industry in our time. Trying to hold leadership in the market, E-commerce stores implement innovative solutions driven by AI and its algorithms – personalized experiences, augmented reality, voice commerce, instant delivery, etc. The list of improvements can go on and on.

When considering such qualitative changes, contact LeverX to ask for their expertise and solutions to maximize the performance of your E-store and thus, our profits.

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