These 4 Meme Creator Tools Will Make You Funnier Than Your Friends

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These 4 Meme Creator Tools Will Make You Funnier Than Your Friends

Want to get the best reactions on social media? Then you’re going to need the help of the best meme creator tools on the market. Here’s what we recommend!

We may have fibbed a little in the title to get you here. We (and any meme generator) can’t actually make you funnier than your friends. You have to supply the humor yourself (sorry to burst your bubble).

If you’ve got it (or the bravery to create without), you’ll want to find a program to help you create top-notch memes easily and quickly. Here are four examples of websites and features that can do the trick. You decide which takes the cake for the best meme creator.

Before You Find The Best Meme Creator

You should know what a meme really is if you don’t already. Meme is short for mimeme, a Greek word. The root mim- means “mime” or “imitate”. Thus, it’s a message related person to person within a culture. For our time era, this means digitally within Internet culture.

Now that we’ve given you a historical tidbit, here’s the juicy information that will help you make your friends pee their pants (hopefully‚Ķ?).

1. Adobe Spark Meme Maker

If you don’t want to use Adobe Photoshop for your simple meme needs, don’t worry — the company has you covered. They’ve created a meme maker that is free and more simple than Photoshop. Start from scratch or choose a template with layouts, colors, and fonts provided. You can still customize a template if you choose one.

Once you decide the size and orientation needed for the platform of choice, choose an image or two from the free photo selection. Or, you can upload one from your computer, Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom, and more. Choose a font, write some weird, hilarious stuff, and tweak the meme for optimal delivery of your best joke (or the worst, if you’re going for an anti-joke effect). If it turns out that you aren’t as funny as you thought, you can use Adobe’s other generators such as Youtube channel art.

2. Kapwing

This studio editor isn’t just for still photos. It offers a simple image to video conversion where you can choose the duration easily. The layout is similar to Photoshop in that it offers the layer function in addition to shape and resize tools. Although you need an account to remove the watermark, it’s free. Plus, once you’ve created your meme, you can download it and still have the ability to edit it.

3. Imgflip

Imgflip claims to be the fastest meme generator on the planet. We didn’t whip out our stopwatches to contest it, but we did notice the platform is mobile-friendly. It’s more of a meme captioner where you change the text and text aesthetics atop an already popular meme.

The application offers to post the completed masterpiece to Imgflip’s own platform. Or, you can get the BBCode for forums or the HTML for websites.

Again, the default setting involves an Imgflip watermark on completed memes. To remove it, you’ll need to get a subscription for $2.95/month. The company claims this is to keep the website advertisement-free. Whether or not this suits your fancy, you should get over to their site to check out their AI meme generator (caution: may be vulgar). I mean, what’s more 2019 than an artificial intelligence meme generator?!

4. Imgur

Being that Imgur is an image sharing platform, they understand the importance of memes. Memegen allows you to browse existing memes or upload your own image. Browsing the existing memes gives you a flavor of what’s popular today, this month, or all time (so you know what to live up to).

Get Memeing

Whether the best meme creator for you includes subscription-free services or a mobile-friendly interface, decide which program fits your preferences so you can get memeing today. The Internet depends on it.

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