7 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Free Dropbox Account

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7 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Free Dropbox Account

Dropbox may be is not the best choice if you are looking for a spacious free cloud storage. However, it has a lot of features to make it great to become a major choice in the cloud storage field.

Free Dropbox account only gives you a 2 GB of storage spaces. Everybody knows, it’s too small. But, Dropbox has its own way to gain more users with its minimum storage for free account. Dropbox use a simple approach by delivering more features to let users get more things done so they will think twice to leave Dropbox for other service.

The result is not so bad so far. With a free Dropbox account you can do more tasks apart from storing files. Here some cool things you can do with your free Dropbox account.

1. Work collaboratively with your team

Dropbox has a cool feature to let work collaboratively with your team on a specific project. The feature is called Paper. It’s similar to Evernote that lets you take notes and put them online. However, Dropbox Paper is not Evernote. The tool has its own characteristic that makes it different.

Dropbox Paper is designed for a teamwork. You can invite your team member to join a shared folder you have specified before. Dropbox Paper has just launched publicly earlier this year and we’ve covered how to use it as a collaboration tool.

2. Discussing shared files

Dropbox lets its users to share folders and files. You can also optimize this feature to work collaboratively with your team member. For instance, you share the design of a website you will do with your team. Before it’s really be executed, you can ask your team to leave a comment over the design. You and your team can also mentioning each other to make the discussion be more live. Just like you usually do in your social media conversations. You can even comment on a specific part of the file you are discussing.

3. Request for files

You can also use your free Dropbox account for requesting a file from someone. Just be sure you have enough spaces before do this. The good thing about requesting a file in Dropbox is that you don’t have to force someone to join Dropbox. For every file request that you create, you’ll get a unique link to share with the people you want to receive files from. You can share the link any where on the internet, not limited in Dropbox.

4. Previewing PSD files

PSD which is stands for Photoshop Document is a standard format of a file edited with Photoshop. If you have some PSD files on your free Dropbox account and want to preview them, don’t be hurry to take them offline to be opened with Photoshop. Dropbox has a cool feature to let you preview PSD files for ease just like when you are previewing common image formats like JPG and PNG.

5. Synching across devices, access anywhere

It’s true that Dropbox is not the best choice for a spacious free storage. But, it’s the best in terms of availability for all platforms. Dropbox is a truly cross-platform service. Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. All are supported by Dropbox. It means, you can access your files stored at Dropbox anywhere using any device. If you wish it, you can also sync Dropbox to all the devices you have.

6. Automatically backup WordPress blog

Regularly backing up blog is crucial enough for every self-hosted WordPress blogger. This will be useful when something bad happen to your server. However, you don’t have to manually backup your WordPress blog. It’s an old way. With a help of specific plugin you can connect your WordPress blog to your free Dropbox account. We have covered this in our previous post. Go for it to find out how.

7. Editing a DOC file

Dropbox isn’t Google that has online office suite, Google Docs. However, you can also preview a DOC and other document format in Dropbox. You can even edit it and re-save to your Dropbox. To accomplish this, Dropbox partnered with Microsoft to provide Office Online to the users. So, they can edit their documents anywhere from Dropbox without having to install desktop version of Microsoft Office.

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