5 Simple Yet Effective Tips on How to Stay Secure Online in 2020

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5 Simple Yet Effective Tips on How to Stay Secure Online in 2020

Password hacks, data theft, and credit card scam can be more destructive. If you’ve never been faced all these things, you are lucky, but luck is not always the same. Therefore, don’t depend on your luck and do something to make your online activities and data security.

Well, securing with some of your online data and activities effectively doesn’t require much effort and time at all. In fact, with simple tricks, you can stay secure online in 2020.

However, don’t know those some easy tricks to secure your online identity and activities? Worry not because this article is your savior. Here we’ve come up with 5 simple spy tips that will help you keep your online life more secure and safer. Let’s have a look:

Use Different Passwords for Every Login:

Many of us have the habit of using the same password for every login, and that’s the biggest mistake that we all have been made. The reason is that when you use the same password for everyone log in, then you allow hackers to steal our information. Therefore, it is essential to use a unique password for every login.

Well, we know that using a different and strong password for every login is not an easy task, but there is a solution to every problem. For unique passwords, you can use a password manager. It will design a unique password within just minutes.

Set Two-Factor Authentication:

Two-factor authentication is like a headache, but it will definitely add more security to your account. Having a two-factor authentication means having another layer of security. If the personal details and data in an account are important or precious, and the account provides two-factor authentication, you should take it. Dropbox, Gmail, and Evernote are a few example accounts that provide two-factor authentication.

Be Vigilant With Your Social Media Sharing:

In an era of social media, everyone uses social networking sites to share updates on day-to-day life. While social networking sites have allowed us to make new friends and made us closer than ever as well, it also gave birth to new security problems.

Be vigilant with your social media sharing, especially you share your personal life. Because someone who can see your info, such as best friend name, birthday, could use it to find out your answers to your security or even passwords’ answers to password questions.

Secure Your Devices:

Use a login password to secure your tables, mobiles, and laptops. Moreover, many devices came with a feature of a lock screen in which you need to use a fingerprint, facial expression, or PIN to unlock your device.

Securing your devices with a login password is one of the best ways to maintain privacy. It not only keeps your devices secure but also protects your data from going to the wrong hands.

Download From Approved Platforms:

Today it has become easier to install any software or download the latest patch online, but many device viruses are masked as trustworthy downloads. So, avoid going on links for downloads that you don’t know or trust.

Plus, do not download unfamiliar apps on your phone. Before downloading any app on your phone, make sure to read the reviews and download from reputable platforms.

Most people make the mistake of downloading apps from fake sources, which creates lots of security problems for them. Therefore, you should go to the trusted platform for downloading the app on your phone.

Final Thought:

These were the best ways to stay secure online in 2020. So, what are you waiting for? Follow these tips right now and secure your online activities.

Did you know any other way to stay secure online? Do let us know in the comment section right below.

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